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  1. Steve - thanks for the comment and also your great thread on rebuilding your transmission. On the one hand I'm trying to avoid more work on this but I do like the idea of getting it all cleaned up. I'll go take another look at your thread and see if I get inspired!!
  2. So this is what was in my 5025, by some miracle it still seems to be working! So now I'm wondering if I should flush it with something or if I should I just fill it with 90W gear oil and cross my fingers? And any tips on unsticking a stuck drain plug? I drained it from the fill hole, feels like I'm going to strip the allen head socket on the drain plug.
  3. Yes - I, um, "discovered" that the pins are hardened steel Great advice - thanks everyone!
  4. I have a few roll pins that have become one with their surroundings, so I'm starting to drill them out. Since these are a press fit, the pin diameter is slightly larger than the hole, right? So if the manual says I have a 1/8" roll pin that I'm drilling out, is the hole 1/8" or the pin 1/8" (and therefore the hole something smaller than 1/8" for the press fit)? Just want to be sure I don't enlarge these holes by mistake so the pins won't grab. Thanks
  5. My WH had been sitting outside for 3-4 years with prev owner and who knows how long before that, so I started soaking the hubs and looked around for ideas on breaking them off the transaxle. I borrowed this idea from the Blizzard Tools wheel puller and decided to give it a shot. I had the angle iron, borrowed some pieces from my gear puller, and it worked like a charm! Very glad to have that problem solved without destroying the wheels.
  6. Morecowbell

    May have a bigger problem than a stuck pulley....

    Yes - and the piston and the bore look good
  7. Morecowbell

    May have a bigger problem than a stuck pulley....

    It wasn't running when I got it, hadn't run in a while so couldn't tell by looking at it. Turned by hand but had no compression, was hoping it was a head gasket or stuck valve. Got the head off, gasket was fine, the piston and cylinder look good, fair amount of carbon on the valves but neither are stuck. Haven't been able to get the case open yet, working on that.
  8. Morecowbell

    May have a bigger problem than a stuck pulley....

    No way - would that hold? JB weld is my favorite stuff in the world, that would be the best thing ever.
  9. Was looking for serial numbers under the crud and found this - its under where the starter mounts: Doesn't look good - is this block toast?
  10. Morecowbell

    Stuck pulley - don't want to bust it

    Thanks everyone - I've got it sitting on the recoil starter so the pulley is up in the air. Filled the depression with Kroil last night to soak, as of this morning its all still there! I'm doing the same thing with the rear end and rims and it took a little while for that to start to seep through, so hoping I see that stuff disappear soon. I can be a little patient - there's plenty of other stuff to work on!
  11. Morecowbell

    Stuck pulley - don't want to bust it

    I'll double check but don't think I've missed a setscrew, think its just a casualty of being out in the elements. The guy I got it from had it sitting outside for 3-4 years and the guy he got it from had it sitting outside but under a tree - unfortunately in Indiana weather . Given all that exposure its not too bad - a lot of surface rust but everything has come apart okay except this pulley and the rear wheels....those are soaking too!
  12. Morecowbell

    Stuck pulley - don't want to bust it

    Thanks Paul - haven't seen one of those before, looks like a good option. Thanks Dan - I'm not in a big rush so will try a little more soaking and patience. Seems like you and I are destined to meet!
  13. Morecowbell

    Stuck pulley - don't want to bust it

    Trying to get the drive pulley of my Tecumseh HT55, on there pretty good. My assumption is that this pulley is tough to find just like everything else on this engine so I don't want do bust or bend the sheaves unless I'm wrong and these pulleys are available out there. I have a puller but don't want to crank a lot more than I have already, what are my options? If using heat, am I heating the shaft or the pulley? Thanks for any help!
  14. Morecowbell

    5025 seals - is this normal?

    Many thanks. Now have to figure out how to get the wheels off!
  15. Got the Lawn Ranger apart today and the insides of the rear wheels are black from dirt probably mixed with tranny fluid. Is this normal or am I looking at a rebuild? Thanks