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  1. Walhonding520

    Starter Clicking

    I've cleaned and worked with all the connections I can and still getting same response. Clicking in the front around the starter or solenoid. Will fire right up after an unknown number of key turns. Am I correct in assuming then that I just need to replace my solenoid? If so, will any general 12v solenoid with the correct terminals or do I need to by a specific part number?
  2. Walhonding520

    Starter Clicking

    Ok. I have been through most of the wiring. Cleaned and checked all the normal issues (battery and connections, fuses and boxes). Must be the solenoid or a bad ground wire. Sometimes I move the motion switch, pto lever and seat switch and it starts but could just be coincidence. None of the indicator lights for these switches are on when I do this so I don't think it is them.
  3. Walhonding520

    Starter Clicking

    ‘89 520h has been running fine but recently I turn the key and I get a single click from the area of the starter. Happens when engine is hot or cold. I can turn it twice and it will just click then start right up on the third turn. Sometimes I can turn it 30 times with only the click and then it will start right up on the 31st. Sometimes it will start on first turn. Any opinions?
  4. Walhonding520

    42 inch deck belt

    My deck belt has glazed over. I have searched but have not found any consistency with belt length. 42 inch side discharge that came with ‘89 520h.
  5. Walhonding520

    Don't think I am crazy, but...

    I am thinking that the cleaning the transmission so it works cooler is the answer. At least I am seeing I am not as crazy as I thought.
  6. Walhonding520

    Log splitter/ generator

    I did not know you could by a generator set up like that. It would be easy to weld up a frame for it to attach to the front tach. I have been looking around for a used log splitter that's cheap enough and the only thing that doesn't work is the engine. I think I could take the hydro pump off and make a mount for it on the front tach as well and just run it with a belt. Most log splitters do not have as much HP as my 20hp 520 so I think it would be pretty simple. Haven't found the splitter yet though. Just and idea.
  7. Walhonding520

    520 h rpm guage replacement

    Same. Mine won't go above 2500.
  8. Walhonding520

    Motion Switch

    I am having trouble with my safety interlock switches. Working on pinpointing which one is the problem, or if more than one of them. My seat switch is about to be bypassed. Which two colored wires on the harness need to be jumped? I am also not sure if my motion lever is working correctly. When I turn the key on and to start, the PTO light, parking brake light, and seat switch light (when it is working) will all come on if that switch is tripped. I am assuming they are working ok then. But, the motion lever switch light does not come on even if the lever is in a drive position. Is this switch bad or is this normal? If I wanted to bypass taht switch also, which two wires do I jump? Thank you
  9. So after mowing for an hour on a hot day with my 520h, my hydro temp light came on. Stopped, cleaned grease and grass off and had dinner. Came back later and tractor would not start. Common so I giggle wires but didn't work this time. Seat switch is ok. Removed panel in front of the seat and cleaned both the parking brake switch and the motion lever switch. Put it back together and giggled wires some more and it started. I think I have a motion switch going bad so it needs replaced or bypassed. I also sprayed some connection cleaner on all the connection behind the dash and cleaned the 9 pin. This seems like a lot to get to the point, but I wanted to lay out everything I did before this happened. Once all done i finished mowing and my 520h is faster. In both directions by a very noticeable amount. I could be crazy but I am pretty positive it is moving faster. I moved the motion lever while removing and replacing the plate but other than that, I did not do anything else to the lever controls. the over heating is not common (first time this year) and there was a lot of junk around it. I have always thought it was pretty slow, even when I was a kid and it was my grandfathers. What did I do to unleash this long lost speed lol?
  10. Walhonding520

    Eating Batteries

    So I ran it for a while off and on last night and it ran/ started just fine. The meter on the dash moved a lot, staying mostly at 12v but spiked every now and then at 16v, then went back. I cleaned a few things well, including the 9 pin. All seemed fine but it is averaging higher than it was. Maybe just a bad meter or just needs a good electrical cleaning.
  11. Walhonding520

    Eating Batteries

    I think I can get my hands on one. I will test both. From what I have seen, different people have different ways of fixing that molex connector. Any problem with just individually connecting them? For the price and simplicity, Ill probably replace the regulator anyway. I gave all the electrical a good once over last spring when I had a starting issue (seat switch) but I guess i should probably just do it again and clean it all.
  12. Walhonding520

    Eating Batteries

    Ok. 1- I am going to clean the 9 pin connector and hope it is in good shape still. 2- replace the regulator (going to look online or check with NAPA. They carry a few onan parts). 3- already cleaned battery cables/ connections and replaced battery. My meter is reading in the 10-11v range with just the key on and while running. What should this be a result of? Electrical is by far my biggest weakness with engines.
  13. Walhonding520

    Eating Batteries

    My 520h is on its 3rd battery in 2 years. I keep charging the battery and I get a few starts out of it but then not enough amps to start again. Meter only reads around 10-11 while running. There has also been a lot of corrosion (white calcium like build up) on the positive terminal and into the positive cable. I am just assuming their is either a voltage leak or it is not charging while running. Ideas?
  14. Walhonding520

    Parking Brake

    That might be the issue then with the motion lever. I thought I should be able to set the brake and get off with it still running.
  15. Walhonding520

    Parking Brake

    I know this is a dumb one but I can’t find an answer by searching, so I apologize in advance. Should my 520 keep running with the parking brake on?