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  1. Still not done, but almost
  2. Looks excellant. Nice job!!
  3. Thanks. Felt so good to drive it!
  4. Finally got the fenders done and guess what... I got to drive it today for 2 hours! Got the carb adjusted and dialed in. Runs real nice. Fixed the brake band and put the old belt back on. Turns out the new belt is 1mm thicker and its just enough to not allow it to shift. May try to remove the paint from pully and see if that will work but for now she is drivable. I had the fenders powder coated. Its a different shade of red so when in direct sunlight you can tell its off a bit. Close enough lol. Still need to weld a tab on the frame for the deck lift and get the hood finished.
  5. #46 joshn569 - josh niemiec
  6. For sure! Ill be there friday morning. Is there a spot where red square members gather for meet and greets and what not?
  7. Awesome! Definitely gonna follow along.
  8. Ive used it in the past with motorbike tanks. Its great because you can pour it right over any rust!
  9. No 😢. I ended up breaking the brake strap. Long story short, I think because I had painted the inside of the pulley the belt wouldnt slip when I pressed the brake/clutch so she didnt want to stop or shift. Hope I can find a few parts next week at the big show. Here is a little video I forgot to post!
  10. I lost my brakes on my raider if anybody has an extra one they wanna sell
  11. Finally got a chance to seal my fuel tank. I had to solder some rust pin holes that appeared after I stripped the old pain off. I leak tested it and it held so after the sealer it will for sure be good. Im using Caswell and they say you could just use duck tape over any holes so my haggard solder job should be good. Mixed up some epoxy and coated the tank. Needs to dry for 24 hours then I may need to repaint it because I spilled some epoxy on it eats up spray paint quickly but so close to firing it up. I had to get emergency surgery last week (appendicitis) 👿so I was not able to get my hood out for blasting. I have the deck almost rebuilt but the grass is already needing mowing so the c81 will have to do it. Thats ok though, she can always get the job done!
  12. Joshn569

    Deck lift bar interchangeability

    Yes it is. And thank you. I figured I was going to have to drill holes. There are a few for sale on ebay pretty cheap for other tractors complete with the bush. Think I will pick one up. Thanks for the pic 👍