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  1. I have lots of patience. They can soak in vinegar all winter if needed. Thanks
  2. Seized. Is there a product I can soak them in that will desolve the rust?
  3. Hi , Does anyone know where to buy the right length cables for a 1961 401 suburban? Mine are seized up. Thanks, Bob
  4. BHunter


    Thanks. I’ll call Wawa too. The place in Lansdale sells 5 gallon cans of racing fuel. It’s more than $20/ gallon.
  5. BHunter


    Thanks for the link. There is a heating and cooling company on the list that has it and they are 20 minutes away . I would have never known that.
  6. BHunter


    I’ve been running this from homedepot but it’s $20/ gallon. It’s works good but it’s too expensive. My area doesn’t have non- ethanol gas . I wish I had a local airport . I’d try that fuel.
  7. BHunter


    Does it smoke with the oil in it?
  8. BHunter

    Original wheel horse tires

    Hi Eric, I’m glad you straightened out the mechanical issues. It’s a nice looking tractor. I hope to see you and the electro at the show. My little guy misses that horse. It was easy for him to drive. Welcome to Red square. I’ve learned a lot about wheel horses since last years show . The people on here are very knowledgeable and helpful. Awesome group of guys !
  9. BHunter

    Original wheel horse tires

    Wow. $25 seems like a good price for just the rim. The tire would be a bonus. I was thinking mine might be worth a little something to someone if I brought them to the Big Show with me. I’d trade them for this years show t- shirt I wish there was a company that makes them again . They would be nice to put on a restored tractor.