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  1. BHunter

    We picked up another Suburban yesterday

    It’s what I pour the waste oil in for reccling
  2. These tractors are addicting. It doesn’t run yet. I need to drain the old gas, rebuild the carb and free up the throttle and choke cables. Then we are going to blast the yellow paint off of the wheels.
  3. They look great. Where did you find the tubes?
  4. How do you know when it’s full?
  5. I’m changing the trans oil today but don’t know how many quarts to buy. Thanks in advance.
  6. F774B305-9473-4D02-8895-D7670F700E8F.MOV
  7. It’s all cleaned up and ready to start reviving the patina
  8. Put a couple of hours in it today and achieved my goal.
  9. Nice 400 @Racinbob
  10. Thanks. The patina on them match the rest of the tractor. They must be pretty old.
  11. Steve, are these the correct foot rests on this tractor? A lot of the ones I see look like they have a notch in them for a boot heal .