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  1. Just had a quick mock up of the fuel tank. Looking good i recon


  2. Mloosley78

    New to this... Some advice please

    I don't know who built it but seen it in pictures. Love the look of it
  3. Mloosley78

    New to this... Some advice please

    Hi all Ok so I'm building a hot rod style raider 14 pretty standard engine at the minute. I'm based in UK and i want to do something more than just showing my tractor once it's done. I don't really want to do circuit racing with it and always been a fan of tractor pulling since i was kid So.... We do have small ride on tractor pulling over here and wondered if you guys could give me some advice As I'm doing an overhaul of the engine what's the thoughts on 14 up kolhers? What is the general power upgrades i can do while rebuilding the engine. I will be showing tractor as well so i understand that different wheels and tyres will be used so basically I'm after an introduction to pulling do's and don'ts While building my project. Wouldn't mind doing some drag style racing with it to so best setups for different things Thanks in advance Cheers
  4. There off a moped. Bore holes were exactly the same so just pushed the bearings out of the moped wheel and knocked the bushes out of the wheel horse wheel and swapped them. Had to shorten the moped wheel by about an inch and half overall so it would fit on the spindle but overall result looks great. They will be blasted along with the back wheels ready for paint but they sit taller at the front which gives the tractor a slight rake. Perfect for the look i want. Going to change the tyres also on front so they Kinda match the back tyres but all in good time. I have an option of putting some floatation wheels and tyres on back but can't make up my mind on them yet
  5. Ha the beer was drunk ages ago but i think it will look good as a grill Started changing the front wheels today. One on and one to go
  6. So work has begun on the hot rod wheelhouse. Stripped the raider down to only what is necessary. Engine being rebuilt and got an old seat to put on her Start cutting the beer keg open tomorrow to use as front grill Will be a good day
  7. Mloosley78

    New member from Hastings England

    Do we have a parts master here in England does anyone know or is the main source for parts in the US??
  8. Hi all!! New member here from Hastings England. Just starting a new project raider 12. So just saying hey
  9. Mloosley78

    Tie rods

    Thanks very much, i will give him a try.
  10. Mloosley78

    Tie rods

    So I've had a little scout about on eBay etc. The first part i need and probably the best thing i could start with is getting a tie rod. So any suggestions on best place to look or should i just make one up. I see some in us and I'm in England so just putting it out there. Cheers
  11. Mloosley78

    New member.. raider 14

    I got 9 head head bolts. I'm going through the engine in a bit more detail today. Good news is the engine turns and has some decent compression
  12. Mloosley78

    New member.. raider 14

    Yeah ok. It's definitely 3 speed then. I will work it out.... Thanks
  13. Mloosley78

    New member.. raider 14

    Oh ok. I will have to work it out. I will check the engine for any details that will help me identify it. Lol a bit confusing i guess for a newbie. I will get there tho. Thanks I guessing 8 speed has 2 leavers.