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    Old d series couldn't tell ya the model or the year, along with a work horse Gt1100 that my father bought we in 1983
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  1. Emt260

    New Motor??

    I agree! I love this machine, and I really do not want to see it go. It is a solid machine and was running perfectly up until the throttle assembly literally fell apart because it was so old and most of the gearing was plastic. That being all replaced, now the guy who worked on it said he thinks the governor needs adjusting and he didn't have time to tear it all apart to work in it. I firmly believe he was just trying to get me to purchase a kubota. Im still looking and learning and I really appreciate all your help and guidance.
  2. Emt260

    New Motor??

    Thanks everyone! This was my father tractor and my son is very attached to it. Don't want to let it go....
  3. Emt260

    New Motor??

    Good morning everyone, I have a question for anyone who can help. I have been without the use of my 1983-84 Wheel Horse "Workhorse" GT1100 for almost a year. I have had it I the shop for more than 8 months having the throttle assembly completely rebuilt (trying to find and buy all those parts was very difficult) just to have the mechanic say, well we got it started but it won't stay running. He then proceeds to tell me that it has something to do with the governor, and he doesn't want to do the work, and gave me back the machine in pieces. Now I cannot find anyone who will touch this machine because of its age, would it be best to just replace the motor with a new model? If so what do I need to do to locate a new engine? Thanks for any direction... Joe
  4. Thank you guys! I currently have a 1983 Work Horse with the old Briggs engine. She's getting tired. It has been in the shop since April and I replaced the whole entire throttle controls on the front of the engine, new cable and many other things and now the mechanic says there is something wrong with the governor... just time to upgrade! Thanks guys for your help! Joe
  5. Hi everyone, i know I have asked this question before, I just don't remember what the response was, so please forgive me! I am about to purchase an H520, the machine is in amazing shape. However, the lever to engage the transmission to go forward slips out of gear. I remember everyone said this wasn't a big deal and it is an easy fix, what I don't remember is how to fix it! Someone I believe said there is a bolt under the seat that needs to be adjusted... is it really that simple? Any advice would help. thanks joe
  6. Emt260

    Help Please!!!!!

    Good afternoon everyone, I am hoping to find someone here that can really help me out. I currently have an '83 Work Horse GT1100 that I am in desperate need of a few parts that are no longer available thru Briggs And Stratton. The engine is: 252417-0644-01, parts that I need are: 691949, 261236 they are part of the control assembly for the throttle and choke. Any help or direction or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and hope to see some of u the end of june. Joe
  7. Emt260

    520 H

    Thanks jeff, I am trying to see if I can get my hands on it.
  8. Emt260

    520 H

    Thank you for your quick response. Any chance there is a video on how to fix this minor problem? I still have an opportunity to buy the machine.
  9. Emt260

    520 H

    Hi everyone, i went to look at a 520 H yesterday. Machine was in excellent condition, cut beautifully as well. Only problem I found was it would not stay in gear while I forward. It had to be held there. I didn't buy the machine because I was a lil gun shy when it comes to hydro pumps. Could this be a major problem and did I just let a good machine slip thrummy fingers or did I make the right call?
  10. Emt260

    Like New again deck shell

    Would you be interested in selling one? My dad bought a new one back in 83. What a great machine. I would love to get my hands on another one. Very interested.
  11. Emt260


    Are you willing to sell that machine? I had one when I was a kid that my dad bought new. I would love to get my hands on another one, for my son's to use, nothing like growing up using a wheel horse to cut your grass in a world of zero turns and walk behinds. nice machine!
  12. Emt260

    The Big show

    Thank you to everyone who has responded! And thank you all for the information, i feel more welcome here than I do at home! I hope to meet some of you at the big show! ~ Thanks again, Joe
  13. Emt260

    The Big show

    Thank you for the info and advice! I am looking for a 520-h. Hoping to find one soon.. maybe I'll see u at the show!
  14. Hi all, new to the forum! Long time wheel horse owner and collector. Just realized tonight that y'all are here. When and where is the big show? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Joe