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  1. oldman

    1959 David Bradley/Sears Suburban Find

    If it's a 62, paint the 59 hood blue? I know it's different but I like it better than the 62 hood.
  2. oldman

    1959 David Bradley/Sears Suburban Find

    Say, I have been looking at all the models from 59-62. The one I found in the picture all sitting in the weeds, it has the belt guard of 59-61, There are however, no hand brakes. Were there some in that year with-out hand brakes? I won't want it if they were robbed, never find replacements! The 62 doesn't have hand brakes and there is a slot in the belt guard which isn't present on the earlier models. I won't get to know more until Feb whenever I go check it out. Oldman
  3. oldman

    1959 David Bradley/Sears Suburban Find

    Well I figured the two hand levers are missing or its a newer model. If it is a 62 I'll redo it ,as the color is outstanding! The hood could show up sometime? Restore the 59 hood regardless. I thought these used the R19 Briggs, it was a generator engine if it came with electric start? but looks like nothing much left of that set-up. Really hard to find any and usually too far to travel to be practical.
  4. oldman

    1959 David Bradley/Sears Suburban Find

    The 1962 is a beautiful blue. I shall know more soon, either way It's coming home! See the differences in the hoods.
  5. Say what two colors did you use for the resto on the 59 david bradley? I see my project tractor has a replacement engine thinking I can at least rotate the pull start or replace it. Do you have some more pictures of your tractor that I could use for reference? There aren't too many of these around anymore! Who did your decals, vinyl guy?

  6. This is the infamous 1959 David Bradley Sears Transition Tractor Model 91760601 I found in Chesapeake Beach Maryland. I found the hood in Holden, Massachusetts. I have a total break down in mind. I think this one is the 1959 Gold & Blue..I wonder if my vinyl guy can reproduce these decals? Regards, Oldman
  7. No it goes left to right, not up and down. I'll take a picture once it's installed, it's in the generator off position in the picture. (It's a Bryant Panel but the vertical main is positioned the same as the GE.) when the main is down the interlock can move to the right and so does the top left double pull, vice/versa. Oldman
  8. To anyone interested, here is the GE-3 Long Generator Interlock Kit National Ram Electronics (69.00) This is a nicely made kit right here in the good ol' USA I'm proud to say! (should be installed by a qualified electrician/electronics technician).
  9. Hello, I have been trying to reach you about ordering two things at once. The Tractor cover and a fuse block cap in black. Do I need to order them separately or can you arrange for one parcel?



    1. GlenPettit


      They can be ordered together   -- total cost would be $70, delivered.

    2. GlenPettit


      just go ahead and order the cover, and then under instructions just add the second item, (no additional shipping charges, it will come in the same box as the cover. change cost from $60 to $70. 

  10. The transfer switch is on route, meantime the Briggs Parts showed up, nice to see warranties honored. Should be able to remove and transfer the decal! Oldman
  11. I found a compatible interlock fabricated by US Interlock, however, it sells for 149.00! I found another for a GE-3 Long sold through National Ram Electronics, for 69.00! The distance from the vertical main to the top of the Bryant column is 3-1/4, so the GE-3 will reach up to 3-1/2, this should work fine. I can't see spending twice as much probably for the same kit, with a 4-week lead time on top of that! Oldman
  12. I was thinking about the ground bond, driving a grounding rod next to the generator and utilizing it?
  13. Say the wheels are fixed then?
  14. Excellent idea's! All these great post's! I am really glad I went back and grabbed this last one up! Sarge, I also am going to make up some of those 4L's on my own cable's from an electric supplier, then measure home run from an exterior water tight L1430CZ type outlet, from there to a 60 @mp double-pull inside my sub-feed. The main is a long vertical switch so the lock out's will go in the sub-feed instead. I also have the old orange 8 hp brigg's put's out steady 4000-30@mp but uses the three prong grounded double horizontal plug, great for the garage circuit-(stand alone). I am going to get a Bell box and install a weather proof 4L outlet on the exterior wall. Then I am going to make a cable just long enough to reach it with slack from the gene house. The calf shelter sounds perfect! Oldman