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  1. redbeard22


    I like the muffler you have on there is that a o.e.m. style wheelhorse muffler or just a universal one?
  2. redbeard22

    Wheel horse XL build

    I like both of those ideas I mite just have to go with that
  3. redbeard22

    Wheel horse XL build

    I have another customers vehicle in the shop rite now so not gonna have much time for the tractor for about a week and my other rear tire hasnt arrived yet. Hopefully soon though i will get back to work on this thing and have it done in time for firewood season and snow plowing. I am trying to keep it as much of a wheelhorse as i can but i think im gonna paint it orange and grey.i know what you guys are thinking wheelhorses are red and thats it but i am gonna make up some custom decals and i think name it work horse and maybe the model can be clydesdale 12 since its 12 hp just throwin ideas out there
  4. redbeard22

    Wheel horse XL build

    Ok got one of the wheels redrilled and bolted on ill get the other one done possibly tomorrow. Im gonna need to get some spacers as it sits in 1 inch farther than the front. The new tires are perfect. With those on the frame sits level and looks awsome this thing is gonna be a beast. Let me know what u guys think. By the way im case anyone was wondering that tire is on a 15x10 wheel and tires are 26x12 and they are heavy. Once i get them filled and find a set of weights I shouldnt have any traction problems
  5. redbeard22

    Wheel horse XL build

    5.4 24 valve in an expedition
  6. redbeard22

    Wheel horse XL build

    Got some more work done today clutch/belt tensioner is done similar to original style wheelhorse, drive belt runs inside frame to a seperate idler that will have a belt that runs up to crank pulley on engine. I will also be installing another idler to take up the slack in the drive belt. Also got the rear tires just need to redrill mounting holes to smaller pattern. The clutch shaft is removeable by taking out cotter pin and roll pin then removing brass bushings on either end then it slides out of the frame. Ill have pics of one of the tires bolted on tomorrw. Then i need to get started on the steering.
  7. redbeard22

    Wheel horse XL build

    This job isnt to bad the worst part was getting the valve covers off. Everything else is a breeze. The timing components have little marks on them to get everything lined up and when your done spin the engine over 2 times with a big ratchet and if everything still lines back up then its good to go. I got another job coming in after this one new active fuel managment delete kit to put in a tahoe but hopefully ill get a few days in between to work on the horse build. Ill definitely have some new pics of whats goin on i want to get the jack shaft and engine mounted then hopefully the steering sorted out.
  8. redbeard22

    Wheel horse XL build

    Dont worry i havent given up on this project just been busy working on a few customer vehicles trying to get them out of the way then its back to tractor building. How would you guys like to tackle this mess.
  9. redbeard22

    Wheel horse XL build

    Well i dont think im going to need a flux capacitor not going to be doing any time travel but thanks im hopeing i can get this project at least usable in a timely fashion. Firewood season is sneaking up fast so i need to hurry.
  10. redbeard22

    Wheel horse XL build

    That splitter is awsome. Does it have a standard 2 stage pump or is it single? If its not single you deffinetly have enough power to run a single stage and split wood super fast. I bet that foot pedal is nice too not having to mess with a handle. Does it automaticly retract qhen you let off?
  11. redbeard22

    Wheel horse XL build

    How many amps does the charging circuit on the predator put out?
  12. redbeard22

    Wheel horse XL build

    22hp on a log splitter what do ya use that for to split against the grain lol. That thing would be a monster unless you were running a single speed pump to cycle the cylinder faster.
  13. redbeard22

    Wheel horse XL build

    Thanks for the info i know welding aluminum can be a pain especially dirty low grade stuff, the suzuki engine sounds like a cool idea but would you mount it sideways or inline with the frame. If inline it would need some kind of right angle gear box or something but im sure i would have plenty of room for a small engine like that. Who knows by the time this project is done it mite have something like that mounted in the engine compartment. Did they make those engines carburated? I dont want to mess with a computer and huge wiring harness. Trying to keep it simple and reliable.
  14. redbeard22

    Wheel horse XL build

    Sounds like a good plan to me. Although i can weld aluminum none of my welders are set up for aluminum so that is going to be outsourced to one of my buddys that has a nice tig setup. As far as a bearing support goes i plan to use a steering colum from the john deere 112 that i got a few other parts off of. It has an outer sleeve with a bushing atbthe top for the actaul steering shaft to ride against and it has a nice gearbox type action on the bottom side.i dont think the traditional wheelhorse steering gear setup would be enough for this size of a tractor unless i had a gear reduction unit like on a 520 or similar. Hopefully tonight i will get back out to the shop and see what else i can get done. I think the next step is to get the dash widened and that will give me the dimension of the hood at the rear and locate the top of the steering colum.
  15. redbeard22

    Wheel horse XL build

    Got a little bit done 2nite added some pieces in to widen the center console. I know there is big gaps between the pieces but i have a piece of thick copper strapping to clamp behind and i can fill that in with the mig welder and grind it all smooth. Should look factory when im done. Anyone have any suggestions on widening the dash piece? I have 3 of them so i though of cutting a little off the end of 2 of them and having them welded together and drill a new hole for the steering shaft. If anybody has a better idea throw it out there.