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  1. mpoore

    L-105 H60 Governor Help Needed

    The original engine was missing the spring and linkage, which is why I pondered the relationship between the engine failure and the bypassed governor. That is a great lead idea to use insulation support wire. The description notes that it is spring wire. Once I get something that works, I'll post the details.
  2. mpoore

    L-105 H60 Governor Help Needed

    Thank you both for pitching in to help. The governor is internally working correctly. I am not sure the previous owner ever got it running, but I did with a new carb. It idles great and revs with a quick flick of the throttle. I am being careful, of course, until I can get it back together correctly. Interestingly, the L-105 had a replacement H60 installed and came with the original that had a damaged piston, broken rings, and gouged cylinder. The crank and rod are fine. Think there is a relationship between the governor setup and the original engine? If you can tell me the spring diameter/length/coil count that would be incredibly helpful. Writing this post has helped me think it through. If the range of movement is the same for the throttle and governor (not sure if it is), then the linkage length is rather obvious. Either way, knowing the length of an original would eliminate guesswork. Great idea on using old throttle cable. The L-105/l-155 has such a great shape. This one in particular has just the right amount of rust to make it look old, but not enough that it is in danger of disintegrating. In fact, I think it would look worse restored. I plan to get it fully functional and appreciate it as is. I'm starting to sound like the pickers on History.
  3. mpoore

    L-105 H60 Governor Help Needed

    I need some help with the governor linkage on a Techumseh H60 in a Lawn Ranger L-105. I bought a L-105 that had the governor bypassed so that the throttle was directly connected to the carb. The engine manual shows numerous governor setups of which the one below was the closest (muffler is obviously different). The problem is that the linkage is missing. It should not be hard to make a linkage, but I have to assume the correct length is important. Could anyone confirm the image below is the correct setup and tell me the length of the linkage? A bonus would be knowing the type of spring used between the carb and the throttle cable lever. Short of the exact info, is there a way to ballpark these? For instance, would the linkage be the length from the governor fully engaged and the throttle fully closed? Lastly, will any steel rod of the correct diameter work or do I need spring steel?
  4. mpoore

    Name That Part

    Thanks for the reply. Do you think these parts go with an L-105 because they don't look like they will. I got them with the L-105, but I think they may have gone with something else. The plow looks totally different than what I have seen others using. There's no front hitch to use part C, which makes me question why it was included. There's no rear hitch to mount the complete plow and the angle iron with bolts at each end does not match anything familiar. Part D is wider than the L-105 frame. My familiarity with the various WH models is too limited to know for sure, but I am wondering if this stuff is even WH.
  5. mpoore

    1057 Mower Deck Confusion

    Thanks guys. You saved me a lot of time with great examples of the various setups. This will be especially helpful since there are missing parts. It looks like I have a little of both, but the mule drive forerunner is what is being used to operate the deck. I now have pictures. It ain't pretty. The lift lever is currently attached to cables that go to the rear hitch. Was this used to raise rear implements? I am guessing that something is missing that would make the purpose more evident. I think I may have over-paid at $125, but I did get two engines that will run after carb cleaning. The problem I see is the number of missing or broken parts. Just a partial list of the obvious includes seat bracket, steering wheel, tires, belts, flywheel cover, seized mower deck bearings, pin holes in mower deck, air filter housing, battery, and wiring. I should be able to get my money back getting the engines running and selling them along with whatever usable parts remain. The restorable parts don't seem rare, so I am not even sure it's worth the time. It is probably sacrilege on this board to part out a WH, but do you guys see another option without this turning into a money pit? A full restore is not going to happen. Getting it running well and fully functional with a deck might make it worth $300-$400, but that is probably less than the rehab cost. Even that price might be wishful thinking given appearance. What do you guys think?
  6. I just found a 1057 in rough shape, but with two good engines and a deck. The deck mounting has me baffled. There is what looks like a mule drive from a newer tach-a-matic mounted on a bar that wraps around and bolted to the front frame. There is also an unused pulley mounted to the frame under the engine. The unused pulley looks like it might be used for a mower deck similar to the arrangement on my L-105. The deck on the 1057 appears to be attached to a mid-hitch - similar to yet different than the tach-a-matic mid hitches. What few pictures I have found online of a 1057 with a deck mounted show the belts routed down from the engine rather than forward. Were mower decks optional on a 1057? Does what I describe above sound like a custom job or a retrofit kit to use a newer deck on an older tractor?
  7. mpoore

    Name That Part

    I don't know why the first pic is upside down. It isn't on my pc. I had to save it upside down for it to display correctly here.
  8. mpoore

    Name That Part

    I could use some help identifying parts that came with a L-105. Not sure they even go with it or something else. The plow does not look like it would fit the L-105, but I could be wrong. Bear with me as I bought my first WH this spring, a C-195, and while there are similarities, I just don't know a lot about the L-105.
  9. mpoore

    Value of Lawn Ranger L-155

    Thanks for the file. Original documents are always helpful. Unfortunately, the plow looks nothing like yours. Since the guy I bought it from had no idea what he had, there is a good chance I have stuff for other tractors. I think I'll start a new thread, once I take some pictures, called "Name that Part." Should be fun. I got a chance to check out the engines. Pulled the head on the original. A piece of the top land on the piston broke off. The head looks okay, but the bore has grooves. What worries me is how this would have happened. I'll post pictures once I get them. The good news is that the second engine fired with starting fluid. I think it will run with a rebuilt carb and new fuel line.
  10. mpoore

    Value of Lawn Ranger L-155

    Thanks for the input everyone. For the sake of those reading this in the future, I made a deal at $125. It was complete, but pretty rusty. The snow plow is in good shape, but I question if all of the mounting hardware is there. It also came with a homemade loader bucket. Someone took a bulldozer blade and welded a bottom and sides to it. Smart idea. It looks well done for homemade. I might turn that loader bucket into a project for my C-195 because I do not see how it could possibly work on that little Lawn Ranger. See the picture below. The hood on those old machines has some great curves. The deck bearings seem good. The aftermarket engine has compression. The original engine has something going on internally. It will rotate, but you can feel it hit something halfway around. The crank can be turned 360 degrees by hand, but it gets harder after it hits something. No compression. My guess would be a valve, but I know very little about Techumseh/Lauson. I suppose engine parts are difficult and expensive to come by. If anyone has a recommendation for a supplier, please pass it along.
  11. I am going to look at a L-155 tomorrow. It's listed as a barn find. Seller knows nothing about it. Comes with two engines. Original is locked. Non-original engine turns over. Mower deck, snow blade, and bucket plow included. Pictures show it dirty and rusty, but it looks to be complete. What do you think it is worth and would it be better to part it or fix it knowing the original engine is likely a lost cause?
  12. Shown is my solution to retrofitting a C-195 with LED headlights. I 3D printed a holder for the free (with purchase) Harbor Freight 3v pocket flashlights. It took 4 of the flashlights using 2 on each side. That's 96 LEDs total.. Sprayed the holder with chrome paint. Wired in series you can use them as is with a 12v system. Pictures of working headlights are really useless for comparison purposes. What I can tell you is that the LEDs are significantly brighter and whiter. Total cost less labor was around $5.00 not including the purchases for the free flashlights. I also overpaid for the polycarbonate lenses, which was $4 of the $5.