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    2-1960 suburbans, 1 1961 suburban, 1- GT14,2-704s ,1963 lawn ranger, 502, 654 ,bronco 14,14 automatic, charger 10, no name 8 ,607 ,657,605,310-8 , 654, few more have to see what they are . Some are for sale
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    Garden grove iowa
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    Love collecting garden tractors

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  1. Wheelhorse joe

    Wheel horse charger 10- part out

    Yes have deck that came with it when I got it but have never used
  2. Going to be parting out 1 round fender lawn ranger and 1 of the next models with the metal seat pan . Let me know if looking for parts
  3. Wheelhorse joe

    Down sizing my wheel horse COLLECTION

    I believe I do have the deck you need but no lawn vac.
  4. Wheelhorse joe

    Down sizing my wheel horse COLLECTION

    First tractor is a 876 will sell co.plete or part out . Has a good running 8hp kohler engine just the engine 225.00 whole tractor 300.00 2. Is a commando 6 is complete except belt gaurd 180.00 . 3rd is. 14 auto compete runs great 350.00 4. Is a old round fender lawn ranger runs as it should asking 450.00 for it complete will not part this one have several engines and lots of parts all tractors listed do not have any attachments with them . I do have several decks some rear discharge ones . Can email or text pics . Says there to big to load on here.
  5. Wheelhorse joe

    Wheel horse 14 auto with plow/deck

    Sent pics
  6. Wheelhorse joe

    Wheel horse 14 auto with plow/deck

    Good running tractor . Good shape has hydraulic lift ,comes with deck and snow blade. Says pic to big to upload. Can send via email or text . Will ship at buyers expense. Any questions just ask
  7. Wheelhorse joe

    Wheel horse cast iron rear wheel weights- snow blower ad

    Wheel weights sold already sorry . Snow blowers still available
  8. Nice set of original rear wheel weights some reason can't post pic says to big and I'm not smart enough to shrink it . 225.00 plus shipping . Also have 2 wheel horse snow blowers one off of a bronco 14 the other is few years older. 125.00 for the pair and you arrange shipping. I can text pics if wanted or send me a email to send them the k you and have a great day
  9. Wheelhorse joe

    Wheel horse suburban

    Wheel horse suburban has a Briggs engine is way I got it and running out of room so a few has to go. 400.00 cash or will part out if don't sale here or locally as I have it on our local Craig's list. Tried to load pics like every other time I go to do it says there to big so you could text or email me and can get you pics .can ship through fastenal on your done as long as you set it up
  10. Wheelhorse joe

    18 auto D series part out

    Mufflers sold
  11. Wheelhorse joe

    18 auto D series part out

    Fuel tank sold
  12. Wheelhorse joe

    Fairbanks recoil

    I have the recoil don't have any throttle cables or plates at this time. But will have when I go to Ohio next month
  13. Wheelhorse joe

    Fairbanks recoil

    Have one that will fit a k91 will get you pics tomorrow when at shop
  14. Wheelhorse joe

    18 auto D series part out

    This is a complete tractor has bad engine . Prices will very from piece to piece. Have front blade also. Pm me if interested. Trying to load pics but having issues. Can send through email
  15. Joe got your note, what I'm looking for is the vertical choke an throttle controls right under the steering column on a 1960 400 suburban an cables if possiable, there's also a plate that says choke,throttle. they move forward an back Thanks let me know.  Tim