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    Trying to keep the beast running and trying to figure out a next project - an articulated sounds like fun.

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  1. mazdamonster

    Carb Spacer

    Should not affect any flow or power curves if the ID is exactly the same as the carb and block. Some of the 70's muscle cars had those high rise manifolds and had absolute awesome power. The biggest deal is having smooth flow over the junctions of carb and block - turbulent flow always robs power by slowing your intake velocity (albeit only a small amount, but with an ID this small, it may make a difference). Hope this helps.
  2. mazdamonster

    Shelbina,MO Show

    Any of you close to Shelbina, MO - They would love you to bring your Horses of all shapes and descriptions to the show. It's open to everyone and the more the merrier. They also have a great flea market for vintage parts (depends on who shows). I'll be there with the Monster and hopefully a few more Red enthusiasts also. FYI - Shelbina is about halfway between Hannibal, MO and Macon, MO on HWY 36 (maybe closer to Macon (about 30 miles) - it's been a few since I went that way. Hope to see anybody and everybody who wants to go.