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  1. Thanks 953 It's a 1987 and the ground wire is about 12" with a double ring loop. Just can't figure how to ground both lights to frame this wire

    1. 953 nut

      953 nut

      Just looked at Garry's post and he has given you a good advice on the "Star" washers.

      I don't mind having you or anyone else post a question in my profile or by PM, but asking a question in the forum gives more people an opportunity to reply. On occasion any of us could give incorrect information so having it in the general forum it will give others a chance to chime in with a correct answer.

    2. Paul m

      Paul m

      sorry new to this

    3. 953 nut

      953 nut

      No problem.   :handgestures-thumbupright:

  2. Paul m


    I have completely taken it apart, had it repainted and putting it back together
  3. Paul m


    Does anyone have a picture of where to ground the rear lights of a 417-8. Unless I run a test wire directly to battery they won't work Thanks
  4. Paul m


    Hello I'm new to forum and I'm rebuilding my 417-8. I have a black wire about 12" in length with a double ring, appears to be a ground. Does anyone know where it gets bolted to? thanks