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    1977 B80 First one I have ever owned.
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    Hillsborough/ Rt. 9 area New Hampshire
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    Artist, building stuff, all kinds of stuff. Got to much stuff lol. also like guns and old junk.

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  1. Oldarmy

    Side Shot Saturday !!

    Thank you kindly, I work it and am trying to keep it looking this way but it's tough.
  2. Oldarmy

    Side Shot Saturday !!

    Here's another peek at my B80. She is a worker around my place and my second year with it and I love it.
  3. Oldarmy

    Saved a one owner B-80

    Sweet find, I too have a B80 and I love the machine.
  4. Oldarmy

    Am I the only one?

    Well they were fun while they lasted. My wife has warned me to stay away from the real lights with my 10/22.
  5. Oldarmy

    Am I the only one?

    I know there must be others who are getting a kick out of busting those Christmas bulbs running across the top of the screen. My wife thinks I've lost my mind because I keep refreshing the page so I can bust em again lol. I'm easily entertained I guess. Merry Christmas to all.
  6. I like to make things, one of a kind things. I made this little collection of black powder miniatures. The rifle is about 7" long to give an idea of size. The canons all will fire. I also carve a little (birds) and build a little furniture and so on. Way to many interests.
  7. I actually turned my dishwasher into a snow thrower. I just bought her a shovel.
  8. Mine is just because I really like the Ruger Oldarmy cap and ball revolver. Simple as that, great gun btw. Always dug black powder guns.
  9. Oldarmy

    Stained glass wheelhorse sign

    Very nice indeed. Being a sometimes actual stained glass artist myself I appreciate the craftsmanship. I recently purchased a vinyl plotter/cutter and may have to make something like this. A vinyl cutter allows one to cut out very intricate shapes from adhesive backed vinyl sheets in a multitude of colors. The lead adhesive backed strips used in the type of work shown gives the appearance of the "lead Came" used in traditional stained glass window construction and has a very authentic appearance I must say. Well done !
  10. Gave my wife a new rake and a new tarp. She gave me a concussion.
  11. Oldarmy

    Proper B80 coil bracket?

    You're welcome and thanks. I love this old girl but can take no credit for it's condition. I bought it this way, back in March. The guy was very good at what he did. He restored things for a hobby and then for a living. We are almost neighbors lol I live in NH. Good luck.
  12. Oldarmy

    Proper B80 coil bracket?

    Here is a picture of mine on a 77 B80 it's horizontal mounted. Hope it helps.
  13. Oldarmy

    Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Oldarmy's 1977 B80 8 speed
  14. Oldarmy

    1977 B-80 8 speed

    This is my new to me in March 2017 1977 B80 8sp.. Work on the restoration was done by PO. It sports a 36" side discharge deck and has had an engine rebuild of the original 8hp Kohler. This Horse is still a working horse even though she looks purdy.