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  1. HamptonT

    Tiller Help!

    WOW!!! What a machine!
  2. HamptonT

    Tiller Help!

    I figured out the eye bolt too. Helps to look at the manual....
  3. HamptonT

    Tiller Help!

    What’s the eye bolt for? I’m putting it on a 314-8. No hydraulics. Is this a hydraulic lift point?
  4. HamptonT

    Tiller Help!

    I figured it out. If you start with the levers down further it works. Also it doesn’t help the my brackets are not straight on the transaxle housing. Need to fix that.
  5. HamptonT

    Tiller Help!

    Well. I’ve got the rock shaft in. Went to hook up the tiller for the first time. Found it interfered with the hitch. Took that off. Now the small idler pulley interferes with the swing shaft clamp on the rear axle. What do I do? Take it off and put it back on backwards?
  6. HamptonT

    266h Rear Wheels

    Got it. Thanks!
  7. HamptonT

    266h Rear Wheels

    I found a set of Toro 266h rear wheels on CL. They are listed as tire size 23x10.5-12. Does anyone know of these are the same deep dish rims on a 520h?
  8. I like those inside wheel weights. Are they as hard to find as the front wheel weights? I went with white....
  9. I like those inside wheel weights. Are they as hard to find as the front wheel weights?
  10. I need some advice/opinions. I have a 314-8 that came with a set of rear wheel weights. The rear wheel weights were an off white color that looked original. So.....I wire brushed them and repainted them off white. I now have a set of matching front wheel weights. They are red. Not sure if red is/was the original color. Do i wire brush and paint to match the rear or leave them red? Thanks
  11. HamptonT

    PTO Clutch Squeal

    When I engage the PTO clutch on my 314-8, it gives off a loud squeal. Then it runs fine until it really bogs down in thick leaves and will squeal some more. time to replace the clutch or just tighten the engagement lever? thanks
  12. HamptonT

    Clevis Hitch

    What are some advantages/uses for a clevis sleeve hitch? can you still attach a pull behind trailer to it? With the two plates and pin?
  13. The two machines appear to be compatible. Same Wheel base. Also, does anyone know if the rock shaft kit is standard on the C-105? Or the axle attachment?
  14. HamptonT

    Tie Rods

    Good point and will do Already shimmed the horizontal shaft. That tightened it up a bit. Just checked it. Yup. It's broken. $25 part from Toro. Wow. You're right. Interesting.
  15. Looking to paint some parts. Is there a Wheel Horse red spray paint in a can available?