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    2 753s,
    Commando 8, sold
    800 special, sold
    Commando 800, sold
    snow plow,
    snow blower,
    1 bottom plow,
    42" sd mower deck,
    parts and too many engines.
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    All wheel horses, small engines, wrenching on things,

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  1. 12 hp Kohler

    Wheel Horse Collection

    BEST YARD SALE EVER !! I really wish i could make it. Good luck with your sale.
  2. 12 hp Kohler

    The Iron Demon...

    Now that’s a good lookin horse
  3. 12 hp Kohler

    Happy Birthday Mike Martino, Jr.

    Happy birthday !
  4. 12 hp Kohler

    Steamorama, Windsor PA

    I just got home from setting up a little bit ago. I didn’t get stuck at all but it is very wet and smeary. Lots of people getting spinning and digging things up. Hopefully the weather holds off the rest of the weekend. Hope to see some of you there.
  5. 12 hp Kohler

    Steamorama, Windsor PA

    I’m heading down tonight and gonna set up if the rain stops.
  6. 12 hp Kohler

    It's Tillage Equipment Tuesday!

    Here’s my 753 with my 8” plow. Still need to wear the paint of the blade and wax it up and mount the coulter, but it’s a start.
  7. 12 hp Kohler

    JD custom

  8. 12 hp Kohler


    #22 is me Robbie, #23 is my cousin Aiden. Great idea with the numbers.
  9. 12 hp Kohler

    What did you take home from the Big Show

    I like that idea, instead of a savings acount I will fill a barn with wheel horse parts
  10. 12 hp Kohler

    What did you take home from the Big Show

    I brought home this 8” wheel horse plow. I couldn’t pass it up for the price. I need to wear the paint off of the blade and mount the coulter yet. I also came home with two less tractors and LOTS of parts.
  11. 12 hp Kohler

    Robbie’s 2018 show pictures

    No problem, I would have liked to have gotten more, but I spent too much time shopping.
  12. 12 hp Kohler

    Attachments Allied 1969.pdf

    Version 1.0.0


    These papers show the manufactures and description of all of the allied attachments from 1969. They also show the list and net prices for each item. 2 pages 1.5MB Balko Inc (Snow Van) Brinly Hardy E-Z Rake Jax Manufacturing (Safari cover) Johnson Loader K. W. Hydraulic Loader Mars (Sweeper) North Industries (Fogger) Original Cab Palm Industries (Cozy Cab) Parker (Sweeper) Scott (Spreader) Sport Sales Inc. (Snowmobile clothing) York Rake


  13. 12 hp Kohler

    It’s Motor Monday!!

  14. 12 hp Kohler

    2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    I will be bring a 1971 800 special to the show. It runs and drives, slips out of 3rd gear sometimes. Has a Briggs 8hp and a peerless rear. It needs some work but it’s mostly all there. Doesn’t include a battery and needs a new front tire. Pm me if anyone wants it.