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  1. 12 hp Kohler

    1977 wheel horse C-120 auto

    For sale is a 1977 wheel horse c120. It has... original patina, 4 good tires that hold air, brand new seat, Good running 12hp kohler model k301s, original nelson muffler, strong sunstrand hydro transmission with 1 1/8" axles, includes good battery, has working headlights. Pm or email me with any questions. Reasonable offers considered. Thanks, Robbie
  2. 12 hp Kohler

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    Good luck with your project, i just cant get over how cool it is. glad to see it is in good hands now. i will be following along
  3. 12 hp Kohler

    Vintage Trucks

    i was originally looking for the 70s and 80s Chevy trucks because i love the look of them. I almost bought a 1971 chevy k20 but it was sold before i got to look at it. When i found the international i just couldn't pass it up, and it was chevy powered so that's good enough for me. Now i'm stuck with a 1961 international rust bucket that parts are very hard to find for It will be a cool truck when i am finished though. I gave LOTS of plans for it, i will just say that
  4. 12 hp Kohler

    Vintage Trucks

    I picked this up recently. It’s a 1961 international harvester c120 3/4 ton with a Chevy 350 and a turbo 400. This is my first vehicle and after a lot of time and money this will be my daily driver and my horse hauler.
  5. The transmission that was in it when i got it locked up about a year ago so put another one in. I have had no trouble with the transmission that's in it now and it shifts nicely with the right amount of movement.
  6. 12 hp Kohler

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    I like it ! That's an awesome project ! I will be following along
  7. Here's my c-81, its a great tractor with lots of power for its size. And as said above the little 8hp Kohler sips gas. $150 is a great deal for a C-81, the plow is a bonus, i say go get !
  8. 12 hp Kohler

    picked up a charger 12

    I will look into that, thanks.
  9. 12 hp Kohler

    picked up a charger 12

    I jacked my tractor up yesterday to adjust the drive lever and as i jacked it up i noticed the wheels shift. I checked it out and the bubs are all sloppy on the axles. I took the hubs off and the key ways on both hubs are really worn and the woodruff keys are very worn too. I checked out the key ways on the axles and there is a little bit of wear on both but more on the left axle. If i put new keys and new hubs on the axles i think they will be alright, but not great. I'm worried if i go that rout the axles will get worse and the bubs will just ware out again. I would potentially like to rebuild the transmission and put new axles in or re key the current ones but i don't have the time or the money for that. What would you guys recommend i do ? I'm thinking i will try new hubs and keys but i don't know if that is the way to go or not, i also don't know how common the 1 1/8" hubs are and how much they will cost.
  10. 12 hp Kohler

    What is this

    It’s a 70s gravely. It has a 12hp kohler 8 speed forward and 8 speed reverse. I own a gravely just like that. It’s a good tractor, it will pull a lot. That’s a great deal.
  11. 12 hp Kohler

    picked up a charger 12

    I didn't know it had the 10 pinion limited slip. That's really cool. Even better for field plowing and snow removal.
  12. 12 hp Kohler

    picked up a charger 12

    Thanks for the reminder, I wasn't sure if i had to do that with hydros.
  13. 12 hp Kohler

    picked up a charger 12

    Got a filter and fluid. I will put them in this weekend and i should be good to go.
  14. 12 hp Kohler

    picked up a charger 12

    That answers my question, thanks. It creeps in neutral right now but that should fix it. I really like the look of the Chargers and Electros, so far I like how they work too.
  15. 12 hp Kohler

    picked up a charger 12

    I have another question, how do I adjust the hydro lever ?