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  1. Tdubb

    L 107

    I have decided that I don't like the looks of the stock fender/seat set up on this tractor. I would like to run a setup like the suburban or rj tractors. Even fenderless, I want to put the taller narrow wheels and tires on it. What size tires? Any recommendations on seat setup, or should I custom build something?
  2. Tdubb

    What are your other hobbies?

    I like to hunt and target shoot. But I spend most of my free time at kids sport events. They are always into something.
  3. Tdubb

    What is it?

    Wow, how cool. I never dreamed posting a picture of this thing would create all this neat history.
  4. Tdubb

    What is it?

    Thanks for this, I hadn't Googled it yet and this has lots of neat ideas. I'm suddenly seeing 3 lights instead of 1.
  5. I listen to all kinds of music. But I recently got tires of new country music and have mostly been listening to 70's and 80's rock. I really like old country music still, my 14 year old daughter mostly listens to Johnny Cash, Hank Sr. And Jr., Dwight Yoakum, then for rock music she lies Guns and Roses.
  6. Tdubb

    What is it?

    Awesome video
  7. Tdubb

    What is it?

    It is a trolley. It ran on a wooden beam, hay loft of a barn built in 1893. It was my mom's barn we had it knocked down last February, thought we would clean it up by hand. Last weekend we rented a mini excavator and dug a hole and burned it. I was hoping to,find this trolley unharmed. Here's a picture of it on a treated 4x4 in my work shop. I plan to sandblast it and paint it, then hang it on an old piece of her barn wood and mount a light from where the rope dropped from.
  8. I know what it is, do you? Have you ever used one?
  9. Tdubb

    L 107

    I took the differential apart today, wow was it nasty in there. The Gears were in great shape, bearings still greasy but it had some sludge in there. Cleaned it all up and sealed it up. Sprayed some paint on it and bolted it back to the frame.
  10. Tdubb

    L 107

    Frame is painted, hopefully tomorrow I can get some more done. Today was all about my daughter's track meet. Then I entered a chili cook off. So I had no time for tractors today.
  11. Tdubb

    L 107

    Here's what I've done so far. Rear axle/trans is setting outside, upside down draining water out. It's not seized ip, but full of water. I'll probably need to take it apart and check it out.
  12. Tdubb

    L 107

    It has a Kohler k161
  13. Tdubb

    L 107

    I'm sure I'll have some questions, and you pros will have some answers. I don't plan it to be restored to original. I do have the deck for it also. Or at least a deck was there with it.
  14. This is my first post on the forum. I am about to do my first lawn tractor build. My dad picked up this ltitle Wheel Horse for my kids around 6 years ago, he never done anything with it. A little over 2 years ago he died. It has been setting there by his barn reminding me of him and his purpose for having it. Today I picked it up and brought it home to my workshop and started disassembly on it.