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  1. AR11

    front image mule drive and deck still need to be painted

    What paint and primer did you use??
  2. what tires are on the rear, I've been trying to find what kind they are
  3. AR11

    1100 Special

    Yep 11hp
  4. AR11

    1100 Special

    My 1980 1100 special restoration project, it has been fitted with a newer unidrive, and repowered with a 10hp cast iron tecumseh (hh100)
  5. So how should I remove the seals and replace them?
  6. I have a 1980 1100 special with the 8speed transmission and the axle seals are leaking really bad, does anyone know the part number or suggest anything I could use to stop the leak
  7. I have a 1980 1100 special, Transmission model 5086, it has both 1st and second gears as well as reverse, but 3rd is stripped out, is there anywhere I can get the replacement gear? or do i have to get a new transmission