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  1. Busman

    Tiller idler pulley help

    I bought a 2.5 inch pulley and it fit much better. Now I’ll need the spring to apply tension. I’ll get one this weekend.
  2. Busman

    Tiller idler pulley help

    Thanks I was hoping it'd be that easy.
  3. I have a tiller on my c125 and I can't seem to get it set up correctly. The idler pulley on the front is rubbing on the brake pedal. How can I fix this?
  4. Busman

    Front tire replacement.

    Thanks guys. I've got the bead broken on both sides. Looks like in gonna take a ride to the tire shop.
  5. I've got an 85 314H and an 81 c125. I punctured a tube in onefront tire and I cannot get the front tire off. I even bent the wheel trying. Do y'all have any advice. At this point I will probably just replace the tire but I could use some help on the best way to proceed.
  6. Haha I agree. I just went and looked at it. Only thing missing is the belt for the tiller. I am going to go back with $350 and a trailer and pick it up. The tiller looks to be hardly used and despite his insistence, it is a 42" blade. The tractor has ags on the back. It's a c series with 8 speed and no hour meter. Any way to tell exactly what model it is? I am thinking c125
  7. I'm thinking about going to see this tonight. I really want the whole setup but I dont "need" it so it'll be a tough sale.
  8. Hey guys, I have the opportunity to buy a C Series black hood tractor with a 12 horsepower engine that does not run. It comes with a 36-inch tiller and what he says is a 36 inch blade. I live in Tennessee so snow is not much of an issue. What other uses would I have for the blade? Could I use it for my compost pile? What would be a fair price for the tractor, plow and Tiller with no mower deck considering that it has not run in over 3 years? I really want a tiller for my 314 h but I would consider keeping the whole setup if the wife let's me.
  9. Busman

    Brake assembly

    Thank you. Based on that diagram and every other one I saw there should be a cotter pin. I will take a closer look and see.
  10. Busman

    Brake assembly

    Thanks. I took a look again but no pictures of that area. After hours of searching pictures I am fairly confident to there is not a single picture of that area on the internet
  11. Hey guys,. I am putting my 1985 314-A back together and can't recall how the brake arm attaches to the assembly in the tunnel? See the red shaft tip in the bottom left corner? Thanks
  12. I just received my decals for the 314-A and after reading this thread I’m a little confused. It seems the preferred method is used Windex or soapy water to apply the vinyl decal to windows but would this be the same process for applying the logos to the hood of the tractor?
  13. Busman

    K321 stator help

    Awesome, thank you!
  14. Busman

    K321 stator help

    Does a 6amp, 50 volt rectifier diode sound right? I would hate to pay 11 bucks for a kit when I only need the diode. Any sources??? This is the only thing I am missing to start my rebuilt kohler k321. https://www.rfparts.com/diodes/diodes-rectifier/mr750.html
  15. Busman

    K321 stator help

    Thanks I saw those it don't want to wait 30 days for shipping from Taiwan. We don't have radio shack anymore but if I knew the diode # I'm sure I could find it locally