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  1. PSully

    McLean restoration

    Congrats on the victory cruise! I like what you did with the grill casting too, that was perfect!
  2. PSully

    Stupid question?

    There is no place near me that sells non-ethanol, unless I want to pay heavily for the quart cans. Instead, I use a particular fuel stabilizer which is sold in a blue bottle.(I don't name products unless I'm asked to). I've been using it for many years now without any problems. If you can't find the blue bottle stuff, probably any stabilizer that uses enzymes to fight ethanol will work. Some people swear by using high test because they think it has less ethanol. Personally, I doubt it because ethanol is an octane booster.
  3. Yes, I had a 6" nipple, and the muffler on it today. That pic was taken yesterday while I was still working on it.
  4. Well, I finally got the engine painted, and put into the C-81 yesterday. Today, I got it running, and was able to drive it around a little.
  5. PSully

    My Newest Score

    Very very nice! Any idea on the age of it?
  6. PSully

    New to us Cub 108

    Congratulations! That's a nice looking Cub,
  7. Well, you get credit for telling the story anyway.
  8. Too funny!!! I like your elephant story better than my own.
  9. About thirty years ago I had been on the job as a firefighter for maybe two or three years. As usual, I was hanging around in dispatch listening to radio traffic, and waiting for the next call to come in. Our neighboring town of Wilmington had gotten a call for a brush fire, when the engine arrived on scene, the lieutenant reported that there was a log blocking the access road into the woods where the fire was. He then requested a backhoe to move the log. Wilmington dispatch radioed back, and said the backhoe would be there in fifteen minutes. A few more minutes went by, then the lieutenant called back and said: "You can cancel the backhoe, we got an elephant to move the log." As it turned out, the brush fire was near the Shriner's Auditorium, and the circus was in town.
  10. PSully


    I got my inner wire from http://www.mfgsupply.com/3-245.html today. It has a slightly larger diameter than the original wire, but it fits nicely into the original conduit. I'm still waiting on the new conduit from http://www.psep.biz/store/universal_mower_cables.htm, and when that gets here, I'll no longer take any "%^*#" from any throttle, or choke cable as long as I live!
  11. PSully


    Thanks for that link. I went ahead and ordered the lined conduit. It didn't cost much more than the plain stuff, and "you only live once". I still have the inner wire coming from MFG Supply as well. I'm looking forward to replacing some troublesome cables as soon as it all arrives.
  12. PSully


    I Just found a place that sells just the inner core wire for throttle and choke cables. It was $14.48 for 100 feet including shipping if anyone is interested, here's the site: http://www.mfgsupply.com/3-245.html This wire is .058", and my original wire is .054" which should not be a problem. I've got 10+ tractors plus other things that use wire like this, so I'm thinking this will be a good investment. When it arrives, I'll check back in and let everyone know how it is.
  13. I bought some tie rod ends from wheelhorse100 through eBay, he took good care of me. I'm not really set up to fab something like that. Okay, great! at least I know there's nothing missing. Hey, I like those ag tires!
  14. Thanks Dennis, I probably didn't communicate well enough the fact that I sold the rear lift bracket before I bought the Wheel Horse. Not knowing that I would need that part down the road, I threw it on eBay as an auction. If I remember right, I got about $60 for it. At that sorry period in my life I didn't realize how cool Wheel Horses are, and that I would need that part someday. Anyway, I can put the rear lift on the back burner for a while. Thanks to Wallfish, I have a mower deck to sling under the C-81, so at least it will find some useful employment in cutting grass. The deck will need some work, and I'll do a new thread on that when I'm ready to start. I've seen some rear lift parts on eBay, but there are other places for my money to go at the moment. In the meantime; These two pictures show the trailer hitch that was on the tractor when I bought it, and the draw-bar after I removed the hitch. I'm not really sure if the draw-bar is correct, or if anything is missing. Thanks, Paul
  15. Before I bought my one and only (so far) Wheel Horse, I bought a couple of Brinley rear plows for my Cub Cadets. One of the plows came with a rear lift bracket for a Wheel Horse which I had sold before I bought my C-81. Now here I am sitting around and wondering what parts I'll need to use rear implements on my 81 when I remembered the rear lift bracket that I sold.