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  1. I finally got the transaxle/Sundstrand unit back in my B-100 WH tractor but now I can't find the marks or notes/diagrams I drew before I took it apart so I have no clue what hose hooks up where for the hydraulic lift to work. I took some pics in hopes someone could guide me through this { should have done this in the first place..........DAH! }. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I don't have a clue what the hell I'm doing.


    Here's what comes in the kit. There is a pump gasket { between the pump and the transaxle} that is missing from the photo otherwise this is it.
  3. I'm rebuilding a Sundstrand #90-1136 that came out of my 1974 WH B-100. I Found this company www.novahydraulics.com that has the entire rebuild kit PN / 99890. It shipped quick too. Gordy is the man you want to talk to regarding Sundstrand units. Good hunting all.
  4. I've got this Hydrogear tranny spread out across my garage floor and I am in need of a parking brake assembly {PN 5966 }. That chunk of metal I found in the bottom of the transmission case belongs to the now defective parking brake. So after trashing 3 drill bits ,.3 punches and emptying a bottle of Mapp gas it is now removed and ready for a new replacement. Of course I'll also be needing the brake shaft seal { PN6449 1/2" ID } since I baked the one that's in there getting the old stuff out. Anyone have any thoughts of where and if these parts can be had?
  5. I'm about to remove a Sundstrand Hydro-Transmission Model # 90-1136....I believe from my B-100. Once the unit is apart I'll be needing parts. The $64,000 question is does anyone have any information on where those parts can be gotten? Parts is parts! Well I'm off to the garage and I'll check in later. Happy whrench'in to all.