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  1. Mr. Glisson. Shipping is really easy and there's not much tractor to look at with no motor.I have blown up the picture big enough to read pond clearly on gear box. Please consider selling.  Tim

  2. Cglisson01

    2 rjs for sale

    No, it doesn't have a motor
  3. Cglisson01

    2 rjs for sale

    Hey Tim. I don't like the idea of shipping, but give me a day or two to think about it and I just might do it. Like I said before I just hate to sell it without you getting to see it first in person. But I understand that you are so far away
  4. Cglisson01

    2 rjs for sale

    For sale are two wheel horse rj project tractors. I have a rj 58 that may need transmission work. Don't feel like it wants to go into gear correctly. I am asking 400 for it. And I have a rj35 with the cast iron steering wheel and asking 450 for it. They are for sale with local pickup only. If you have any questions just send me a pm. Thanks
  5. Have you sold your tractor yet I would be interested  Thanks Tim

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    2. tims tractors

      tims tractors

      Let me know what happens  Thanks. Tim

    3. Cglisson01


      Hey Tim. The guy that was going to look at it tomorrow says he can't come till next Sunday. I'm not going to put everyone on hold for that long so if you would like to buy it and want to come and look at it, just let me know. Thanks, Chris 


    4. tims tractors

      tims tractors

      i don,t need to come and look at it, if you can put it on a pallet for shipping threw Fastenal I,ll take it. I,ll pay how ever you like.

       Let me know how you want to do it.

  6. Cglisson01

    Rj35 wheel horse

    u1957 wheelhorse rj 35 for sale. Has cast iron steering wheel. Asking 400.00. Message me with any questions, thanks
  7. Cglisson01

    Rj35 wheel horse for sale

    Rj 35 wheel horse. Got it in on a trade deal. Has the cast iron steering wheel. If interested message me. Asking $400.00. If you could move this to classifieds that would be appreciated for some reason I wasn't able to post in that section. Thanks.
  8. Cglisson01

    Added two more rjs

    One thing I learned is to jump on a deal as soon as possible. I headed his way as soon as he said he would do the trade. I might sale that 35 though since I got the 58 out of the deal
  9. Cglisson01

    Added two more rjs

    I'm pretty satisfied with the deal. Not very often can you trade One tractor for two
  10. Cglisson01

    Added two more rjs

    Traded a cub cadet for these two yesterday. The rj58 is all complete and runs. The guy said the seat cover was the original to. The rj35 has seen some neglect, but think the cast iron steering wheel is pretty neat.
  11. Cglisson01

    Custom cub cadet

    I have a 1963 cub cadet for sale. I took it in on trade a couple years ago. And the guy I got it from said he did a complete restoration on it. Other than the rear wheels needing to have the paint freshened up on them and the seat painted, it is a nice show ready tractor. I'm asking 900.00 for it. If interested just send me a text or call. Thanks
  12. Cglisson01

    Rj58 gas tanks

    Thanks, I will definitely keep you in mind. I think I might be good on parts for now. Once I start tearing into it though, I may need some new rings and gaskets. And if you ever happen to run across a recoil that's original style for the rj just let me know. Thanks, chrisChris
  13. Cglisson01

    Rj58 gas tanks

    I went out this morning and measured the tank and took a couple pictures. The tank measures about 11.5 inches long so it might be close to original size and all I would have to do is move the valve. And also, what size tire should I buy for the front rims? Thanks, Chris
  14. Cglisson01

    Rj58 gas tanks

    Thanks for the pictures mike. They will definitely give me something to go by on comparing mine. You wouldn't happen to know the length of the gas tank would you? My tank looks like it might be longer compared to the one in your picture. I really do appreciate the detailed info. Half the fun of restoring a old tractor is learning about them to. I try to challenge myself to restore one as close to original as I can.
  15. Cglisson01

    Rj58 gas tanks

    I will have to take a picture of the rims this afternoon and post on here. I will do the same with the gas tank. I never would have guessed that the design of the front rims would tell so much about the year of the tractor. I really appreciate all the good information