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  1. Michael Thompson

    Dumb question

    The purpose of my question was to visit the idea that the Vee belt is less efficient at transferring every ounce of power to the rear wheels. From what I gathered belt drive tractors are fine for Stock classes but when you get up into modified stuff it's pretty much a Cub Cadet world. Well that got me to thinking probably because of my experiences with motorcycles that a shaft drive bike is third in drive line efficiency behind chains and cog belts. Maybe its the WH transaxle (I am completely a greenhorn) that is the limiting factor and not the power loss through the Vee belt. That Cub transaxle looks pretty beefy but looks can be deceiving.
  2. Michael Thompson

    Dumb question

    How does the WH transaxle compare with the others for strength?
  3. Michael Thompson

    Dumb question

    I think a clutch such as the type employed in a direct drive system would suffice. Now I realize a cog belt is a great way to turn sprockets but they won't hold power like a chain. No I just ask this question because as I'm learning more about garden tractor pulling the consensus seems to be that Vee belt tractors, like a Wheel Horse, can't compete against direct drive machines like a Cud Cadet. Actually I think you'd find that a chain driven final drive is more efficient that a hypoid or even a straight gear differential. Just all hypothetical stuff, but interesting to think about nonetheless.
  4. Michael Thompson

    Dumb question

    Yes as the title states I am about to foist a dumb question on thee. If a Vee belt absorbs power as compared to say a direct drive Cub Cadet then would a Wheel Horse equipped with a chain drive in place of the belt be competitive and or legal? Now after y'all stop laughing at me remember in the motorcycle world a chain driven real wheel is the most efficient way to put horsepower to the pavement. Additionally a chain and sprockets can be specced to be incredibly strong. This may may have been discussed here before and I admit I didn't search it out but if so it wouldn't hurt to revisit the idea, would it?
  5. Michael Thompson

    Differences between a C100 and a C160

    Thanks sir!
  6. Hi guys, total rookie question here but I'm curious as to what the differences are between say a C100 or a C120 or C160 besides the engine and the decals? This of course is assuming we are comparing 8 spd transmission versions. I have a beautiful C100 that I love and have no plans on changing but should the Kohler tire I might be open to a torque upgrade. This C100 is the first K series Kohler I've ever owned and I really like them. If I ever have the chance I plan on picking up another K series or to just to tinker with. Wouldnt be a a terrible thing to have a freshened 12,14 or 16 on the shelf should the need arise. Thanks guys and Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. Michael Thompson

    My granddaughter's 857

    Hey thanks guys that tells me what I need to know. I had a chance to watch the tractor pulls at the Florida Flywheelers meet in Ft. Meade last week and the little kiddos pulling was my favorite part. Some of them looked to be 6 or 7ish. The ground speeds were real slow and it looked to be a safely run event. My wish is to mentor Amelia in wholesome things that Papa can help her learn. I raised my sons to take care of and respect machinery and I hope I can play a small part in doing that with my granddaughter too. My hope would be to place an emphasis on how things work. How to grow to be independent and comfortable with things that command respect. The little 857 looked to be a possible starting point and to tell you the truth winning is not important. More just something that is hers and she can be proud of looking back as she gets older. Thankyou guys for your input. I really had no idea where to start and you have provided me valuable info.
  8. Michael Thompson

    My granddaughter's 857

    Hey gang I'd like to ask your opinion about the suitability of setting up an 857 as a youth pulling tractor. My my granddaughter is only 3 right now so I know I have a few years to put something together. My first thought was to build the little 857 as her own "show pony", but the more I think about it actually being able to participate in something unusual like tractor pulling with her would be awesome. So the question is, does the 857 make for a good start? I own the tractor already and I have already begun the restoration. Are there 8 hp classes? Is a short frame tractor at a huge disadvantage when pulling? Im so green on tractor pulling that I don't know what questions to ask. Any input will will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. Michael Thompson

    Picked up 2 jewels today.

    Nice scores! Have fun.
  10. Michael Thompson

    New guy with a C100

    You are correct about the carpet. I'm pretty careful about rags and such. I'm doing this chassis at another person's shop so I don't get to call the shots. I'm actually a pain in the neck about telling guys to not ball up oily or wet rags in the shop. Unfortunately it falls on deaf ears most of the time. I sleep at night knowing that my rags are hung up in such a way as to not cause spontaneous combustion. My dad drilled that lesson into me and it stayed with me.
  11. Michael Thompson

    New guy with a C100

    The first is my favorite picture of the '41 Ford. The second picture is of a rolling chassis I'm restoring for a '39 Ford that belongs to a friend. I have to tell all you guys that the K serious Kohler in my tractor reminds me a lot of the Flathead Ford. It beats out such a rich deep baritone rythem with a smoothly balanced rotating mass. They don't make 'em like that anymore gang.
  12. Michael Thompson

    New guy with a C100

    Believe it or not it's pretty chilly here at the moment. I'll take all the cool weather we can get. I'm an outdoors kind of person and the summers are a bit much sometimes. Originally from Rochester New York, miss the 4 seasons still. Looking forward to getting to know you all and and learning. I have been lurking around for a few months and you folks know your stuff!
  13. Michael Thompson

    New guy with a C100

    Hi gang I'd like to introduce myself as the proud owner of a '74 C100 and a Wheel Horse enthusiast overall. I think Wheel Horse machines are some of the most handsome and classic little tractors ever made. I'm new to this game and have a thousand things to ask and learn. My C100 is in great mechanical shape but there are a few cosmetic items I'd like to find. To tell you a little about myself I have spent a lot of time messing around with old Fords of the Flathead V8 era. I have a pretty nice '41 Coupe and lots of Ford parts squirreled around my shop and sheds. I have always loved tractors and especially the little ones and now I have one! In fact as much as I tried to resist I think I have been bitten by the bug I guess. Tomorrow I'm going to look at a 1967 857 that needs help. I'll try to post a pick of the C100. Fingers crossed......