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  1. aHorseofCourse

    308 repower and upgrade

    I'll get a video of it sometime. I was hoping to test the blower out and see what the big Briggs can do but we haven't had much here yet.
  2. aHorseofCourse

    308 repower and upgrade

    Figured I'd throw my latest pics up here. Added front wheel weights, 2" receiver hitch, led tail lights, and a ROPS off a mini excavator. Also got the belt guard painted and lengthened the plow frame for the swept axle. The ROPS not only allowed me to mount the lights nice and high but also adds 85lbs of rear counterweight. Next up for it is electric pto clutch and then a full time hydraulic setup. Want hyd lift and eventually (like years away) a loader setup. Only difference is the pump and tank will stay on permanently. These weights are a dime a dozen and cheap so I figured I'd take a chance they'd fit. Of course they didn't and the hole had to be made bigger to accommodate the bearing housing of the wheel. Carbide tip hole saw and a few whacks with the chisel later and they fit. I think they would work on the standard 8" wheels with no mods. Lots of spaghetti Switch for front fog, rear fog, and strobe. One empty for future whatever and two direction switches for future electric chute mods on the single stage.
  3. aHorseofCourse

    308 repower and upgrade

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. Lots of work but I'm happy with how it turned out. The thought crossed my mind but I wanted more of a tractor look than hot rod, plus I didn't want it too loud and have the neighbors throwing things at me . It's still pretty loud, these briggs flat twins are beasts!
  4. aHorseofCourse

    Lets see the snow rigs!

    @AMC RULES and @PeacemakerJack it's a ROPS off a mini excavator I adapted to the 2" receiver hitch. I only recently started calling it a 'rig' because of how massive it is now, weighs about 1000lbs without the plow. I was going to make a 'tower' to mount the lights on then I remembered I had this thing laying in the scrap pile. I had a post building the tractor and one of the motor last year, I added some things since the last post guess I should update it. Thanks for the compliments.
  5. aHorseofCourse

    Lets see the snow rigs!

    Just got this rig put together. Still a work in progress. Have a single stage for it too but we've only had 2-4" storms so far.
  6. aHorseofCourse

    New "shoes" for a horse

    I have the OTR's on the front, 16 7.50-8, and tru powers on the back. Seems to work great in snow and dirt. Even plowing snow it turns on a dime, I have front weights on too tho. They seem to be a soft compound and might wear quickly. All the little nubs are worn off already, the rear tru powers still have the nubs and were installed at the same time.
  7. aHorseofCourse

    GT1600 Won't start when warmed up.

    I think you are referring to the valve seat issue these engines had. The seat would come out of the block and not allow the valve to close. Highly unlikely this is your problem here. It would still run on the other cylinder and the problem would be constant, not just when warm. Valves could just be out of adjustment but I don't think that would vary with temperature either.
  8. Looks great! Makes me want to restore mine. I'd go with the gloss clear too. I don't think you will notice the difference and it should be more sleek so the snow has less chance of sticking. Just my
  9. aHorseofCourse

    GT1600 Won't start when warmed up.

    Magnito is bad. The Briggs twins go through them. Once they get old they get weak and it's worse once they get warm for some reason. Should be able to find one on the bay.
  10. aHorseofCourse

    18HPB&S/HS Recommended Plugs and muffler?

    You would need 864 'B' or 'C' if you are putting on the '300' muffler. The 'C' screws into the pipe threads in the block and 'B' has a flange that bolts into the threaded holes along side the exhaust port. Not sure you will be able to find any of them tho. I looked for some last year and struck out so you might have to get creative. Also, the steel exhaust tends to weld itself into the aluminum block so be careful taking old one out, if you can get them out at all. Spark plugs, I used Briggs part number 796112. Here's the numbers in the manual.
  11. aHorseofCourse

    16hp Vanguard wiring help

    The two black wires with the yellow connector plug into the regulator (which I'm guessing you don't have). Out of the regulator will come one red charging wire to go to the battery. The single wire is either a kill wire or an ac current wire just for the headlights. Could be a solenoid on the carb but I don't think your model had that. Briggs does have a million different charging options so it's hard to say for sure. Take the shroud off and see where it goes. Regulator you can get on the bay or at a parts store. Hope this helps.
  12. aHorseofCourse

    To buy, or not to buy

    Thats either a 16 or 18hp Briggs in there but it's missing or has the wrong tins on it. Also those stacks are a problem because they don't look to have supports on them. Looks like a back yard resto job to me. Check it over good. Could have plenty of life left but I bet it's going to need some odds and ends. Good luck and
  13. aHorseofCourse

    Briggs Engine Part needed

    That pin isn't made to come out or replace, you'll have to get a new cover. Should be able to find a used one on the bay. Just curious but what caused it to break?
  14. aHorseofCourse

    GT1642 no spark

    Sounds like the magnito is bad. The magnetos on these Opposed Briggs don't have a long life span and seem to quit once they get hot when they get old. Check the wires first but after that I'd get a new mag, should be around $30 on the bay.
  15. aHorseofCourse

    C-145 trans questions

    Thank you Garry, that helps.