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  1. RJC1965

    Best snow removal pictures

    We got 30 inches in April glad I put the loader on. This was the first round of 15 inches
  2. RJC1965

    520H for sale questions

    Eric’s thank you for the tip on cleaning the switch to keep it working. I figure it will take a full day to throughly clean her up I know that the engin fins and hydro fin need a good cleaning then full service after that. Then I can fix the motion control and brake.
  3. RJC1965

    520H for sale questions

    I was doing a little photo bombing lol wvhillbilly it was you I believe that said I need 3 520s one for the loader one for the snowchucker and one to mow with. Well I am 66% there. Haha
  4. RJC1965

    520H for sale questions

    One other interesting note this is the second 520 I have and both previous owners said the lights don’t work and they don’t know why on both of these I just pushed hard on the toggle switch and they worked I also sprayed some contact spray on the switch and no problems. Also on my new one all the gauges work and the lights for the gauges also. Below is my other 520h with 650 hrs on it.
  5. RJC1965

    520H for sale questions

    No rust on the air cleaner or the muffler cover actually no rust on the whole tractor just dirt and grease
  6. RJC1965

    520H for sale questions

    I bought it for $425. I need to clean up the engine and trans, change oil hydraulic fluid although they were clean and full. I did run and mow with it for a 1/2 hr and the hr meter was working so the 550hr should be accurate. See the pic below, I did get the deck spindle cover but am missing the discharge shut. Deck has new blades and one new spindle. In the up coming weeks I will clean it removing all the tins for engine and fenders for a hydro cleaning and adj the motion lever and fix the brake. Best part on this one is I only drove 5 miles round trip to get it. Thank you you all for your input it made the buying decision much easier.
  7. RJC1965

    520H for sale questions

    When you put the motion lever in neutral it stops, I do believe it is the linkage and will possibly need the brake lining replaced. I will see if I can get it this evening and will let you all know. Thank you all for you input. Rod
  8. Just down the road from me I found a guy selling a 520H I have one all ready but would like one as a dedicated for my loader . It looks nice runs good no smoke rpms come up good trans fluid clean only thing is it’s slow and the brake barely works. Guy said it’s the belt but I get no noise like it’s sliping or bad hydros it’s priced at $475 with 575 hrs I drove it runs fine just slow I think it could be the way the linkage is adjusted. Has a 48 inch deck guy says it’s a 52 inch wiring looks good as well. No rust sorry for no pictures any concerns on it’s slower ground speed. It’s got gold stickers so I think it’s an anniversary year has the forward sweep front axle and the steering is tighter then my 97 with 650 hrs. Let me know what you think. I figured the motor has to be worth half of that? Thank you Rod
  9. RJC1965

    FEL Build for 520

    Very nice hope to get my 520h loader in the shape you have some day.
  10. RJC1965

    Brinly SS-500 Drag Harrow

    Thanks for all the pictures I am excited to try and attend a few shows this year.
  11. RJC1965

    Brinly SS-500 Drag Harrow

    Thank all for posting I got side tracked and missed this. I am going to get out my calendar and jot these down. Hopefully get to meet some fello enthusiast.
  12. RJC1965

    Brinly SS-500 Drag Harrow

    Hi I live in Green Bay Area are there any shows coming up this summer that wheel horse aficionados would be at. I see one in Plainfield Wisconsin in June but that one I won’t be able to attend . Thank you. Rod
  13. RJC1965

    36 inch tiller belt size

    I found out it is the 141 x 1/2 and have one on order now I found out I need the Rock shaft , cable , tube and chain. So no deer food plot tilling for awhile