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  1. BaySide1

    Picking up another one

    I have a nice clean 1991 520H here in Worcester if you need to take any pics of the wiring etc.. Also have a 48" deck, plow, two stage blower and snow Cab (note: this is a 1991 with the older stickers.)
  2. BaySide1

    520H Lift Valve

    Mechanics Bliss in Worcester, MA has just about any O-Ring you could possibly need. Bring the old ones and they measure them out for you.
  3. about light bars: The light Bar Installed on my 520H is wicked bright is that a good thing? not necessarily. When blowing snow the light bouncing off the blowing snow washes out my line of sight. Seriously thinking of getting two smaller bars and mounting towards the out side of the cab"s corners.
  4. BaySide1

    Added Light Bar to my 520H

    that Blue light could get me in trouble with Johnny Law here in Massachusetts I have a very bright LED Light Bar
  5. We picked up a 2010 Ford Escape Limited for my wife 15 months ago. It had only 14,000 and every option available including the high output motor. the only thing missing is a display screen for navigation. The price was $16,000 just under half of the original sticker. When looking for comps online, it was the most expensive one for sale in the country. The dealer put on new tires and brakes and gave us a Ford Warranty that covers everything for 48 months/48,000 miles. It was a bit more than leasing but I felt the pros outweighed the cons. Especially with the Warranty.
  6. BaySide1

    NGK or Champion?

    I have found that NGK plugs burn a bit hotter than Champions
  7. BaySide1

    What pays for your Horse addiction

    Self Employed Medical Equipment Repair Technician Specializing in Table Top Autoclaves
  8. BaySide1

    Model 416 hydro

    parts alone on the machine are worth $200
  9. it's about time. I do a lot of driving for my job (self employed field service technician) I live in Central Massachusetts. In one day, I could easily be in Three States. Example, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut or Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire or Massachusetts , New Hampshire and Maine. It is frustrating how the current laws work to say the least.
  10. BaySide1

    2 stage blower part needed

    Hey Guys, Misplaced a couple of springs for my 1990 two stage blower over the summer Looking for Part #'s 110614 assist spring and 4629 Lift Spring, Does anyone have any measurements/material type and Min/Max load. Thanks
  11. BaySide1

    Thee phase compressor what to do ?

    Easiest way would be to replace the motor with a 220VAC one. Otherwise, it is a bit of work to manipulate this 3 phase motor to work with what you have.
  12. BaySide1

    McMaster Carr order

    I Love McMaster-Carr. Have been ordering from them for a long time. they have just about everything. another good place to find some odd ball stuff is mscdirect.com
  13. BaySide1

    Varying AC voltage burning out headlights

    faulty voltage regulator?
  14. My Company Name is BaySide Technical Services. I am the Owner. Thus, BaySide1 I also answer to Autoclave.Guru