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  1. Totte

    Snow blade, will it fit?

    Thanks Racinbob, Unforunately it looks like the first one. At least I don't have to spend 5 hours in the car on a sunny afternoon, picking up gear for the winter😄
  2. Hi guys, I found a 42" snow blade that was used on a Commando 8, for sale. I have been trying to figure out if it will fit my C-160 and from what I can understand the answer is No. Short frame vs Long frame. Just wanted to double check with you since these things are rare here in Sweden.
  3. The old 36" mower deck was beyond proper repair so I just patched it up and slabbed some paint on it until I can find a better and preferably bigger one!
  4. Finally managed to fire up my partly restored C160 today! Ordered a new carb from China, a whole lot of paint and a new seat! Next step will be to see if I can save the old mower deck...
  5. Hi, I found this cab for sale which has been used for a C-160. Where there ever an original cab made for the C-160? /Totte
  6. Hi guys, I just bought a C160 that is going to need some restoration and found this forum. Looks like there is a lot of useful information here and i hope to be able to contribute eventually. BR /Totte