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  1. Joe V.

    1982, 83, 84 Workhorse Series

    Work Horse Tractors were manufactured by Wheel Horse and essentially are Wheel Horse Tractors. Wheel Horse put different engines in them or something else to separate them from the Wheel Horse line. This was done simply to maintain their legal right to keep their Work Horse brand that they owned but never used. Another company wanted to use it for their equipment and so off to court they went.. Wheel horse objected as they owned the Work Horse Brand. Judge said, WH if you want to keep it you must use it... so they did. Ta Da! That is why their are Wheel Horse manufactured Work Horse Tractors. I have one. It's exactly the same as a B80 but instead of a Kohler engine it's Tecumseh.
  2. Joe V.

    Custom Wheel Horse Tractor and Parts

    Bruce, See message 'PM Sent' but I didn't get anything? Joe V.
  3. Custom Quality Wheel Horse Extended Frame Grader. Have all parts down to the decals, just needs assembled. Engine and 8-Speed Tranny is GOOD. I build nothing but quality stuff. This is a ‘What if Wheel Horse made a Grader’ project with an underbelly blade. Frame is extended 11” along with the steering. Paint is fresh but has dust and dirt from sitting. Brand new Tires. Included is: Several Grader Blades and frame, Cultivar, another set of Rear Tires and Rims, new dash & engine decals, Wheel Weights, new control Cables and all the parts needed to complete along with a bunch of extras. $750 Other Parts for sale separately: 4-Speed Parts Transmission (has a chewed axle shaft where the wheel hub mounts), Custom Front Bumper, Nice Hood. I can send pictures. I have other stuff as well for sale. A custom made tow-able water pump for garden tractor with brand new motor and pump. Buy the Tractor Project or the Parts or all of it! I can deliver this to you within reason but shipping is difficult. If you want me to finish it out for you, let’s talk!