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  1. I finished up getting my leaves up, been waiting them to all come down. I got most of them about a month ago. We had rain then snow on the ground for about a week. Had one bank area I had to rake down into the drive way to pick them. Didn't get any pictures. This picture is from the last time showing the other side from the one I had to rake. I also installed a new switch in the 312 and got the lights and gages to work. That is the tail lights got some new head lights ordered for the blind horse.
  2. Lee1977


    Great looking RJ. That $384.50 would be $3,353.24 now. Your money back then was worth something. It's hard to find things that are totally made in the USA now.
  3. Lee1977

    60-inch mower deck gauge wheel

    Try Surplus Center.com. I saw a 8" x 2" solid rubber 5/8" bore hub 2 1/4" wide ball bearing Carlise wheel for $5.95. That $150 from Toro just don't get it. That was from a 2018 catalog. I didn't look on line.
  4. Lee1977

    A Tale of Two 520's

    Somebody's kid was doing bird circles in the asphalt parking lot down the street. I have run tires 20 years and had 3/4 of the tread left. They died from dry rot setting inside the garage.
  5. Lee1977

    Steering problem

    When you get to upper steering shaft fixed. Check the fan gear they can be shimmed to take out any excess play.
  6. Lee1977

    Gas tank clean out

    I used Oxi Clean a cup of dry to a gallon on my Toyota pickup tank. I had it plugged up and kept rolling it over. That was back in July the sun helped as it was hot out there on that concrete. It did a good job. My trouble was trying to get all the rust flakes out of a 13 gallon tank. I reniced at least 8 times and gave up. I have changed the gas filter three times.
  7. I think you will like those narrow front tires once you drive it. Is Santa going to get this tractor assembled before Christmas? Did you get the new pulleys on the Snow Pusher?
  8. Lee1977

    Winch on attach matic

    Because they are cheep. I use mine as a rear lift but it's mounted in a 2" received hitch. It has been handy to recover a dead tractor that quit running in a ditch. You will need a way cut off power to it If it is a Harbor Freight remote control. It draws 10 volts at 5 ma and will kill the battery if parked a couple of weeks. I have a long bolt on the battery ground and just unhook the ground to it.
  9. Lee1977

    1267 ate a drive belt. Help with reasons?

    Be careful I hear tell that those wild horses climb trees. He bought a C-175 a few years back I went up and checked it out to diagnose a charging problem. He need a new rectifier. Another neighbor said he had a few too many cool ones and climbed the only tree in his yard. I never got his side of the story.
  10. Lee1977

    Commando 8

    There is a roll pin holding the rod in the block or supposed to be. It might be that the rod or the block is rusted fast soak with rust penetration or use heat to break it loose.
  11. Lee1977

    48" Mower Deck

    I have been told that silicone causes metal to rust, I don't know it's true. I do know that windshields are put in with a urethane rubber .When put the front fenders back on my Toyota truck I used 3M WINDO - WELD Urethane. It was around 32 dollars for a caulking tube. They had the urethane cord but it over 40 dollars. It's not the easiest thing to work with and I did not want it to get all over my newly painted fenders. When I took the fender off they had a black sealer under them.
  12. Lee1977

    Wheel Horse C-121 + Trailer ( Pictures )

    Around my area when I was growing up wagons were green with red wheels the one and two horse variety. I remember helping dad haul fire wood for neighbors out of wet areas that a truck or tractor couldn't get in or out of.
  13. Lee1977

    Old kohler

    You will have to use the electric clutch as most of those engines did not have ball bearings on the crank for a machinal clutch.
  14. Lee1977

    312-8 Koehler engine

    Keep your oil changed regular keep a clean air filter I'm not sure if your engine has an oil filter. You engine should last thirty years. A lot of us are using nonalcohol gas It cost more but we have less carb trouble.
  15. Lee1977

    Christmas 2.0

    Your doing great! It's going to look good when you finish. I like it. I'm sure you son will.