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  1. Lee1977

    Anyone recognize this Work Horse?

    I remember some one the board painting one that color. It was a few years back but I don't remember who.
  2. Lee1977

    Vintage Trucks

    My 80 Toyota 4x4 DLX Bought it new. Started working on it in June after sitting for 23 years. Cleaned the gas tank new tires, belts, hoses, clutch and slave cylinders, brakes and break hoses, grill, paint.
  3. Lee1977

    48" deck redo

    Prime and paint those spindle housings. They won't rust but the acid in the grass will eat them.
  4. I painted my 312-8 Just a little different. It is a worker and some parts were already missing head lights and plastic inserts. So I have a blind 312. upload html free
  5. Lee1977

    Kohler K fin count

    I have a 12 HP K with 13 fins that came from the factory no my C-120. I don't know if they machined it by mistake or that maybe it didn't pass inspection for 16 HP. Right now It's bored 30 over and the 12 HP crank shaft is bad. The block is stamped E16.
  6. Lee1977

    I wonder what's in this package?

    Here is a home made one. It uses a blade off a motor-grader. Its 48" wide not sure the height of the blade. Can't give and other dimensions as it's a friend of mine has it he was doing some leveling before planting grass. The frame is 2" channel the pivot is a 7/8" ford pickup king pin. I broke the sleeve for the pivot and It has a heaver sleeve now with a grease fitting.
  7. The only time I put water under my deck Is when mowing wet grass. Then I use a hose pipe and spray it under the deck. The last time I was caught in a rain storm with about one quarter of the front yard to finish. I would have been soaked before I got back to the garage, so I just finished. I try to scrape and wire brush the bottom every fall before storing it over the winter. Prime and paint every couple of years. I bought it new in 1977 and it's still solid after repairing one corner and welding up a couple of cracks. Be sure to clean and paint the spindle housings as the grass will totally destroy them. I also scrape and wire brush the under side every time I have to remove the deck to repair something.
  8. Lee1977

    Single "Ripper" Spike Attachment

    I built mine from so scrap steel I had in hand. The only problem I have had with it as the steel I used was not long enough. Would work better if it part attached to the sleeve hitch was another 8 to 10" longer.
  9. Lee1977

    Home made hitch for C160

    I don't know how new you are to Wheel Horse Tractors, but there are a few thing that need repair on most all 40 year old tractors. First check the pivot on the front axle, the tab holding it in place is usually broken. Next check the tightness of the pivot fit even well care for tractors will have some ware. there is also a grease fitting on the bottom of the axle sometime missing or broken off. Check the transmission mount plate it may be cracked around the mounting bolts. the fix here is a 1/4" plate cut to fit in that area and welded in place with 1/2" longer bolts. I would add a couple of 1/4" x 1 1/2" braces from that plate up to the frame. I'll add a picture of my 312-8 with the braces.
  10. Lee1977

    New forum user here

    Clean it up and see what you have. I would use a Scotch-Brite pad as apposed to sand paper as it won't remove any good metal. Use it with your choice of WD 40 or Boiled Linseed Oil I use PB-Blaster With Scotch- Brite Pads. I'm not apposed to a new coat of Red paint when required to save a Horse from rust. I would also be in agreement with using a 6 or 7 horse K-Kohler as a replacement engine. I'm fixing up my 80 Toyota 4X4 that still pretty much stock but I have been working on a new coat of paint original color Red of course. It's your Wheel Horse we will be happy to see to saved. Just don't use Green and Yellow, I have one of those to, it was my Dad's [ !959 430 farm tractor ] I wouldn't paint it red either.
  11. Lee1977

    Mule drive bearings

    The bearing are not pressed on, must be rusted to the shaft. You can not use a puller on that type of idler as the pulley will be destroyed. The idler pulleys were not designed for bearing replacement. Some Wheel Horses back in the 60's had replaceable don't know they changed but my 1977 never had them. Try using PB blaster or some other penetrating oil to get the idlers off is the best way to save the outer idler.
  12. Lee1977

    Clutch Pedal "Bounce"

    I don't remember whether my C-120 clutch pedal bounced or not, but when depressed it made a hell of a racket. The shaft rod had worn the hole in the frame out. I drilled them out and installed oillite bushings. It's real quite now when depressed.
  13. I clean prime and paint the spindle housings when I do the same to the under side of the deck. Should be done ever couple of years I went 4 or 5 years last time, but the primer and paint sure does save the spindle housings. I bored out the deck wheels and installed oillite bushings 10 or so years ago they are still doing well, looks like the rubber tire is going to ware out before the oillite bushing.
  14. Lee1977

    towing rig

    I have built two receiver hitches the first one uses the axle housing and the hitch mount. The other uses the axle housing and the top of the transmission where the fender brackets mounts.
  15. Lee1977

    310-8 ROLL OVER

    Replacing my pictures to my post above.