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  1. barns1

    Why Do You Buy?

    My collecting/addiction started in 1985 when my wonderful wife and I were married. We bought a small home and needed a mower to keep it cut. I asked my boss at the time if he knew anyone with a used mower for sale, he said sure and took me by the gentleman's house after work. He showed me a little 656 Wheel Horse, it ran good and cut grass, just what we needed. Turns out my boss had been pulling Wheel Horse Tractors for years. So it's his fault for my being addicted. I fell in love with that tough little tractor, it went through a lot of abuse and never failed us once. I started my 25 year firefighting career shortly thereafter and we were able to afford a nicer home with about the same amount of property, it was an excuse to buy another Wheel Horse! I found a very well cared for 74 A90 Special that my wife still uses to this day. The collection had begun. Today we have seven which are protected in a small barn, where else. I have always enjoyed tinkering with them. When I was diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer in 2005 and Leukemia in 2008, which with other job related injuries took me out of work in 2012, the Horses(and my loving better half)started taking care of me, keeping my mind off health issues. Sorry for being so longwinded and thanks to everyone who have helped answer my questions and supported me through the years!
  2. barns1

    A-90 SPECIAL?

    We have one also. It came with an electric PTO clutch. Your right about the 22" rear tires. Bought it in 1985 from the original owner with manuals, dozer blade and 36" rear discharge deck. My wife loves mowing with her tractor every week. Changed a belt on the deck and one deck spindle other than the usual oil and grease that's it. It's been a good tractor, not heavy duty, but good.
  3. barns1

    Dealer List

    I just picked up a well cared for C120 Automatic. Still has original paint in nice condition, tires with hardly any wear, and the decals are in really nice shape, which brings me to the dealer label. Newman's Tractor and Garden, Eureka, Missouri. Previous owner purchased it from Millstat, Illinois. Brought it to my house last night which is only a few miles from where it was bought new almost forty years ago.
  4. barns1

    1974 C160 Turns Out To Be 1975 C161

    Thanks everyone. I'll post pictures as soon as I can.
  5. barns1

    1974 C160 Turns Out To Be 1975 C161

    Thanks for filling me in, it makes me feel better. I must have looked at info that was wrong or misprinted. Anyway thanks again.
  6. Hi All, Been awhile do to some major illnesses. Feeling good enough to get back tending to the Horses. I think what got me going again is seeing a 1974 C160 advertised. I thought, I'll just call about it being it is only about 25 miles away. Next thing you know I'm in my truck heading that way. The next thing after that I'm unloading it at our house bring the total Horses to five. One thing I forgot to check in all of my excitement was the model number. It looked all original so I guess I wasn't too worried about it. When I got it unloaded I checked the model number and engine number. Model number is 1-0381, 5091 and the engine number is K341s-711128A. The model number shows to be a 1975 C161. It seems like somewhere in the posts, when I was active before, that Wheel Horse labeled some of the C161's as C160's or something like that. I tried doing a search with no luck. Thought maybe someone remembers. It's good to be back with a group of great people.
  7. barns1

    Ramps for tractors

    Butch, No problems with my A90 Special or my C series tractors. I used them with rear discharge as well as side discharge decks. I did have a 4x4 Dodge Ram that I used them with worked great. That arch makes all the difference and the foldup feature is nice too. Just make sure you use the safety straps. Gary
  8. barns1

    Ramps for tractors

    Butch, That's the same set of ramps I purchased a few years back. They work really well and have held up good too. The only problem I've had with them is the little red slide on feet come off easily. I took some adhesive silicone gasket maker and put some inside and slid them back on, no problem so far.
  9. barns1

    Mid Mount Grader Blade

    I wish I had the talent to make one and the tools also. Thanks for the sizes. Gary
  10. barns1

    Mid Mount Grader Blade

    I'll have to keep looking I guess. Thanks again.
  11. barns1

    Mid Mount Grader Blade

    C-Series14 Thanks for the info. I'm like you I have 73 and newer and know them fairly well. I did try it when I got home from work and it fits in the mid tach, but I don't know if the lift link bar that the book calls out for the C160 will work. I'll have to take some measurements and see. I need to try and find the lift link which is part number 104357 if anyone knows of one I'd appreciate it. Gary
  12. Hi All, I recently picked up a grader blade for my collection. Is the Electro 12 tractor a short or long frame tractor, as the gentleman stated he had it on a Electro 12. The instructions that came with the grader blade shows it to be a MB405, for 1967, 607 - 1277 tractors , but I layed it under my C160 and it looks like everything will line up. It looks like the instructions are copied and I can't find any part numbers on the blade to verify. I'm thinking there may be a problem where it mounts up to the mid point tach, like the width may be different. Your thoughts are appreciated as always.
  13. barns1

    purchased in the dark

    Nice score!
  14. barns1

    12 HP pulling win

    I know this is a little late, but congrats! Sharp tractor you have there.
  15. barns1

    1974 A90 Special Rearend Transplant

    Kelly, Sorry for the delay getting back with you. Have an idea on price and shipping to St. Louis?