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  1. Hi all, Just a little bit of information regarding replacement drive belts for the 227-5 in the UK if you are not buying OEM that might help someone in the future. The part number listed is 108427, which specs out as: Top width: 13mm Depth: 8mm Outside Length: 2235mm = 87.99" Sadly, a number of the first sites I found didn't specify that the 88" is the outside measurement so I having trusted their information and with the old belt still installed I just ordered A88s. Anyway, as I'm sure you all know, belts are sold based on the internal measurement therefore you would require A86! Actually now having spent some more time digging for information about the belt I have found sites specifying 88 as the outer diameter. including http://outdoorpowerinfo.com/, which seems like a pretty handy website. Regards Chris
  2. Porangi

    Starter Motor End Cap

    Thanks Garry. So completely obvious now you say that! Have a good evening.
  3. Evening all, I've acquired a 18.5HP Twin2 B&S Engine for my horse but the starter motor end cap is busted. The engine is a 42D700 and there are three starter motor diagrams exploded in the parts manual. I think I need this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Starter-Motor-End-Cap-395537-Fits-Briggs-And-Stratton/282141120735 but it depends on the housing length. What is the housing length? Does it matter? It looks right! If someone could confirm I'm barking at the right starter motor end cap I would be very grateful. Thanks Chris
  4. Porangi

    What am I?

    Thanks guys. They claim its a 800 but don't say which version. Its currently on at £170 uk - which is cheap for what they go for here.
  5. Porangi

    What am I?

    Thanks WHX9!
  6. Porangi

    What am I?

    Thanks guys. Here is a couple more photos in case it helps identification.
  7. Porangi

    What am I?

    8hp? Can you expand? Why would you not want one? I'm UK based if it changes things!
  8. Porangi

    What am I?

    Evening all, As the title suggests I'm interested in knowing what model this tractor is. I have an idea but am seeking confirmation. Is it a good buy? The seller says: Welcome to our Auction of a Vintage Wheel Horse ??? . (Re-listed due to idiots who make bogus bids 😡) This is the model that every one wants but no one can seem to get ! The Wheel Horse ??? was working the last time it was used. But unfortunately it has lost its drive belt and it will need a fresh battery ! So is being sold a seen ! All four wheels are in great condition. This is a collectible item but will need restoration, a great project for an enthusiast Thanks in advance of all your ideas. Chris
  9. Hi, I'm looking to change the front tyres on my B165. Tilly (I am not responsible for naming her or the name) will eventually be working in woodland so needs to have good grip. We've replaced the rear tyres with these from Germany. I'm going to have to jack the back a bit I fear so there is clearance but think they look the business. However, for the front I need something that is either more quad like for the mud/grip in keeping with the above. The following are: 15x5.00-6 2 PlyKenda K478 X-Trac Tractive Tyre; 4.10-6 2 Ply Snow Hog Tyre4.10-4, which is also available as a 13x5.00-6 Kenda K398 Polar Trac. Or maybe something that goes down the original tractor rib style (possibly slightly smaller than standard so she looks a little tipped down at the front). These are 3.5-6 which I'm thinking would fit but would need narrower rim? Has anyone done this? What are my options? Current size is 13.50/6.5x6.0 Look forward to your thoughts and maybe photos?!! Chris
  10. Porangi

    How to remove this wheel

    Hi Jeff, I really like the simplicity of your approach and hope you are right. I also totally agree with your feeling towards replace tyre as is (have ordered long tyre levers) and knowing the wheel is stuck on the shaft is driving me NUTSSSSS. One question - will leaving it on as is allow it to get worse and reduce my long term chances of getting it off at all? Thanks Chris
  11. Porangi

    How to remove this wheel

    Thanks for all the great ideas. I only really need to change the tyres so it could stay on. It drives ok so I think the diff is ok. Will share with my friend and see what he thinks.
  12. Porangi

    How to remove this wheel

    Its a rear. The end is splayed from the last person using a hammer to try and remove it.
  13. Morning all, The image below shows the state of my axle that the kind previous owner left it in. So far all I have done is spray some penetrating spray on to it. How would you approach the removal of this wheel. Thanks in anticipation. Chris PS: B165 spares seem to be rather rare
  14. Porangi

    Newbie in Bath.

    Thanks all. Best welcome ever received on a forum. Gave the girl a gunk/power wash clean today and took the rear wheel arch section off. Away this weekend but going to take a iPad loaded with manuals with me!
  15. Porangi

    Newbie in Bath.

    Wow. What a welcome. Thanks Guys. I can see that I'll feel very welcome here and get lots of support. Now on to the nit and gritty! Air Filter, Exhaust, UK Parts suppliers and how to remove the rear wheel thats rusted on.......