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  1. JerryB

    1974 B-80 original

    Is this still for sale. Thanks
  2. Do you still have the C81 for sale?


  3. JerryB

    1979 C81

    Is this still available??
  4. JerryB


    Are the chains still available?
  5. JerryB

    Wheel horse c81

    Do you still have tractor for sale?
  6. JerryB


    Is the cab still for sale?
  7. Hello I was wondering if you could make sprockets. I need some for a ST-6201 single stage snow blower.

  8. JerryB

    Tire chains

    Yes and thank you.
  9. JerryB

    single stage blower (driveshaft bearings)

    Thanks Tyson. My cell # is 815 5921525
  10. JerryB

    8 speed trans

    Looking for an 8 speed trans for a 1970 Electro 12
  11. JerryB

    Tire chains

    looking for tire chains for a c-81
  12. JerryB

    single stage blower (driveshaft bearings)

    Thank you. I appreciate it. Im also needing the drive sprocket. I recently purchased a blower. The guy I bought it from said its all been gone through. I bought parts from him before. I ran it for about 10 minutes and chain broke and did alot of damage. My dad said i should have checked the chain. But I didnt Oh well live and learn.
  13. Hello was curious if anyone knows were to find drive shaft bearings for my blower
  14. hey thanks alot.  You will restore it one day im gonna get some before and after. Actually havent even started it yet. It needed a coil I should have it soon.

  15. JerryB


    Hello New to this sight. My Father and I are restoring a !970 Electro 12. Was hoping for all new decals. Can anyone help?