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    1968 Wheelhorse charger. Have owned for approximately 2 years. Just purchased a Wheelhorse Bronco 14. Not sure what year.
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    North Vernon Indiana
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    Bass fishing, numismatics, tinkering with about anything with an engine, guns, my 1961 Ford Econoline 5-window pickup, and basically I'm a project hoarder.

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  1. Jaymon74

    12 HP Kohler electro 12

    Had the exact same problem on my 68 Charger 12. Changed out the sparkplug and fires up every time now. Spark plug in it was new, so tried everything else first. I was using an inline spark plug tester, but that only shows power to the plug, not the spark the plug is getting.
  2. So glad I read this thread start to finish. What great stories! I really hope it continues.
  3. Jaymon74

    68 raider 12

    Any more progress?
  4. Jaymon74

    craigslist find

    Looks pretty sweet! I bet they hook up pretty good. Great CL find. I bought my first WH on CL. Took me a few years to find what I was looking for in my price range, but it was worth the wait.
  5. Jaymon74

    McLean restoration

    Are those a solid rubber tire up front?
  6. Jaymon74

    WH Abuse on Fast 'n Loud Last Night

    I told my wife about this comment. She laughed so hard! She definitely agrees!
  7. Jaymon74

    Seat Time Again

    I've been itchin to get my 68 Charger 12 out to plow snow. Maybe next winter. We were out in t-shirts fishing today. Riding bikes tomorrow. Southern Indiana.
  8. Jaymon74

    No need but couldn't resist

    Couldn't do that at scrap yards around me. Not sure if it's a law or what the deal is. I've been and seen quite a few items I would've saved.
  9. Jaymon74

    Carter model N trouble

    I did. Thank you!
  10. Jaymon74

    Implement swapping?

    Awesome! I was hoping it would work out that way. Hopefully I'll still be able to use my snow plow with the mule drive in place.
  11. Jaymon74

    Carter model N trouble

    So what about getting the elbow removed from the head? That's what I was trying to do.
  12. Jaymon74

    Implement swapping?

    Will the mule drive swap onto the 68?
  13. In a previous thread I mentioned that I had bought a 1972 Bronco 14 to get parts off of for my 1968 Charger 12. Question is, will they interchange? I'm talking deck mainly. I'm sure the hitch and hydraulics will work fine. Is it the same transmission?
  14. Jaymon74

    Carter model N trouble

    I messed up the first time around checking for spark. I did do it with the plug, but didn't check for consistency. I saw a nice blue spark and called it good. This time around I used the in line checker and it was showing a consistent bright orange/yellow glow on the bulb. With that and knowing it was getting fuel and air, the point gap was spot on and the plug gap good, I figured it had to be the plug. What a headache though!!