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  1. HeyMrP

    Mower deck opinions wanted

    Yup, I did it backwards (fixed now). The rear discharge has the big honking hole and the side discharge is good. That is is the only bad rust. Some surface rust, but if the deck is worth saving I'll clean it up good and repainted it. I've never had a rear discharge mower, but it seems like a good idea. Think I'll look for a local welder to get a price!
  2. Hey all. My 310 came with two decks. One side discharge that is good and this rear discharge with a big honking rust hole. The rest of the deck is solid. What do you all think should be done with it? Pay someone to weld it (and then keep it), sell as is, sell parts off it, or scrap it?
  3. HeyMrP

    Don't ask me why...

    Just bought this A-90. Not sure why! Now I'm wondering what I should do with it. Fix it up? Part it out? Keep it along with my 310? The fella I got it from says he parked it running 8-10 years ago. It's been sitting behind his barn all these years. The motor is not locked. Opinions?
  4. HeyMrP

    Blade for HeyMrPs 310-8

    Temporary git er done. I'll eventually find parts or a donor blade.
  5. HeyMrP

    Blade for HeyMrPs 310-8

    I prefer for my snow moving equipment to go unused!
  6. HeyMrP

    No snow only mud

    What kind of wacky contraption is that?! Looks cool!!
  7. HeyMrP

    Blade for HeyMrPs 310-8

    Ok. After the explanations, looking at it more, and google finding the above pic I think I understand. The lever on the drivers left will raise the plow. The lever on the drivers right (shown here mounted directly to the plow frame) will pivot the blade (even though the pictured plow does not have the rod that connects the pivot lever to the hole by the main pivot bolt.) The squeeze handle on the pivot lever disengages the lock pin the keeps the blade from pivoting. To make mine complete I need... 1. The rod that is at the far end of the frame (away from the plow) that catches in the rear axle hitch. 2. The pivot lever. 3. The pivot rod/actuator. 4. Another spring. Does all that sound about right?
  8. Or convert it to an industrial inspired Art Deco light fixture?
  9. HeyMrP

    Blade for HeyMrPs 310-8

    Oh goodie. My 310 has the hitch. I assume the lever that raises my snowblower will also raise the plow blade (and the mower deck too.) I saw in another pic that there appeared to be another lever for adjusting the angle of the blade. Is that correct?
  10. HeyMrP

    Blade for HeyMrPs 310-8

    Springs I understand. Rear axle hitch? Waz that? Is there one possibly on my 310 already? Quick search of the forums last night and I didn't see anything that enlightened me. I'll measure the blade after church.
  11. HeyMrP

    Blade for HeyMrPs 310-8

    Ok. Got it. Now to try to figure out: 1 if it actually fits my 310 2 how to put it on 3 is everything there
  12. HeyMrP

    Blade for HeyMrPs 310-8

    All right, you guys talked me into it. I'm picking it up tonight. Hope it fits. And I hope I can use it to push a little pile of rocks around my driveway.