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  1. mnWHfan

    45th Annual Pioneer Power Show

    Grant and I will be there all day Friday. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again.
  2. mnWHfan


    Jason/Joe, Are you guys bringing the large tent this year? If so, please save room for two. Thanks, Dennis
  3. mnWHfan


    I'm planning to be there on Friday morning.
  4. mnWHfan

    2016 LeSueur Pioneer Power Show

    Those are all really nice photos. Sorry I didn't make it back to the show on Saturday. I figured out the problem with what was bugging me with the Craftsman, but by then it was too late to come back down. I'm looking forward to next year, but I may have to practice my golf first. Hopefully Grant and I will have his tractor done in time for the show. Dennis
  5. mnWHfan

    LeSueur Pioneer Power Show 2016

    It looks like good weather for golf. It's supposed to be 73 and sunny.
  6. mnWHfan

    LeSueur Pioneer Power Show 2016

    Looking forward to golfing. Hopefully the weather works out. Dennis
  7. mnWHfan

    LeSueur Pioneer Power Show 2016

    Steve, I'm looking forward to the golfing on Thursday. Hopefully we will have good weather. Dennis
  8. mnWHfan

    2015 LeSueur Pioneer Power Show

    11:00 works good for me.
  9. mnWHfan

    2015 LeSueur Pioneer Power Show

    That would be entertaining.
  10. mnWHfan

    2015 LeSueur Pioneer Power Show

    I went to the last Pioneer Power Show meeting and learned that they are doing something new this year on Saturday night. At around 6, they are going to for an 8 mile tractor ride for whoever wants to put their tractors in. This is geared for the bigger tractors with a road gear, but they are trying to come up with things to keep people there longer. The main feature is "John Deere through the ages" which means that it is for anything John Deere so that they can show how farming technology has evolved through the years. It should be fun and the John Deere feature should draw a large crowd.
  11. mnWHfan

    2015 LeSueur Pioneer Power Show

    Steve, Count me in for Thursday golf. Same place? Dennis
  12. mnWHfan

    Sears FF20 restoration in progress

    Rob, If I stacked all of mine time together, then it probably took a month or two. It spread out over 3 years because I had to hunt for some of the parts and try to find time between the family, work, and the cold garage during the winter. I was fun though because this was the first Onan that I rebuilt and also the first Eaton hydrostatic and Peerless two speed rear end. This tractor was built like a tank and it was just too cool to see it go to waste. Dennis
  13. mnWHfan

    Sears FF20 restoration in progress

    My other tractors are Wheel Horses, but this Sears one was a tractor that I did for a friend. It was just too cool of a tractor to let it go to a dump. Everything was done on this tractor, so it is basically a new tractor.
  14. mnWHfan


    I put one of these decks on my C161 after I restored the tractor. I figured that by the time I got a deck cleaned up enough to last a while I would be half way to a new one and the new one are built better any way. The new decks are one of the few things that were made stronger that the older versions. I guess that was Toro's contribution.
  15. mnWHfan

    Sears FF20 restoration in progress

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkenUOqGY3o Here is a link to its maiden drive.