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  1. Is there a chart or vendor link that gives the optimal chain size for specific tire sizes. I have a 314-8 w/ 23" X 8½" X 12" and was wondering what the length of the crosslink should be. I have 5 sets of chains, and most are 14" wide crosslinks. I would think a 12" crosslink would fit better. Just wondering? Thanks to anyone who has a reference chart or some chain-to-tire table. Thanks Steve aka Dresden Guy
  2. I have a deck for sale (05-42MS04) and a guy who owns a D-200 (71-20KS04) wants to know if my 42" SD deck would fit his D-200 or could be adapted. Does anyone know the answer. The WH Interchangeability Chart says the D-200 takes a 75-48XS01 deck. Thanks for your help.
  3. Dresden Guy

    6-12 tire chains wanted

    I have several extra sets of chains, but not sure of your "6 - 12" designation. Any extra info you can give will help me to see if I have something you can use. Steve
  4. Dresden Guy

    new nelsen standard muffler for B80

    I have a new Nelson muffler (#266) for sale, I am asking $100 + shipping (from 43821). .
  5. Dresden Guy

    Baffled! C-160 Kohler engine - need advice/info

    RedSquare guys are awesome........ thanks for all the good info - from EVERYONE! Valuable advice from experience which is the best - again, Thanks!
  6. Dresden Guy

    Baffled! C-160 Kohler engine - need advice/info

    Thanks to all - SOI , squonk , and Fordiesl69. Great stuff, and I do all that the PO will allow. Spark gap and throttle cable travel should be very simple. Agains, thanks and I will go back and look at as much stuff as allowable. Steve
  7. Dresden Guy

    Baffled! C-160 Kohler engine - need advice/info

    Mike, that is an excellent point, but without pulling the head, is there any way to determine the carbon and cylinder condition, etc.? And, what would be the most likely cause of a carbon build-up in the head? Mis-firing? Wrong oil? Faulty timing? Bad rings? Thanks Mike for that good advice. Steve
  8. Dresden Guy

    Baffled! C-160 Kohler engine - need advice/info

    Professor SOI .... it's good to hear from you. As usual, all your points are all well taken and 1 or 2 of them seem quite likely to be the contributing issues. The owner twice showed me the crystal clear oil on the dipstick, but without my glasses, I couldn't see the level of the "non-dirty" ☺ oil. The hour meter showed approx. 500 hours.....that seemed extremely low for a 1976 K-341??? Maybe i's really 1500+ hours? A broken or worn ring also sounds like a very real possibility. But, the smoke (not excessive) coming from the perimeter of the breather really threw me.....there was also some oily residue on the gasket that mounts to the breather - ???? The owner wants to sell his tractor and I liked everything else except these somewhat puzzling engine issues. Bottom line, if I proceed toward buyng, I need to take a much closer look at several issues - those you mentioned will definitely be on my punch-list! Thanks SOI Guy
  9. Help - RS Kohler gurus. I went to help a friend with his 16 hp Kohler and two things concerned me about his K-341. Question 1) the engine would not start with a newly installed small garden tractor battery, but did start with a jump start booster pack + the tractor battery. When it did start, it did not smoke from the muffler. The slow idle was pretty rough, but the engine did smooth out at higher RPMs. The max throttle seemed to be no more than maybe 2000 - 2500 rpm (???). Would the engine be seizing in some way or something else causing it to be sluggish?? 2) when the engine had run for 4-5 minutes at max rpms, there was some smoke coming from the breather??? I have never seen that before. Any thoughts what would cause this? I mowed with the tractor and the rpms never seemed to get above maybe 2500 rpms (guessing, but my K-341 really revs, big time. Any ideas what problems / gremlins may be lurking. I am not a good diagnostician! Dresden Guy
  10. Thanks Guys........... I appreciate your responses and I am going to buy the deck and get ready for the "just-around-the-corner" spring ........ hahahahaha!! It must be my advanced years, but even as much as I enjoy snow pushing "seat-time" - this winter has me saying - "Enough is Enough"!! Steve P.S. - tonight's temperature forecast: -5 F for MARCH 3rd (an all-time low temp record for for our area - zipcode 43821)
  11. Help....... needing the RS Forum expertise again. I looked at the manual for the 05-42MS04 and the mounting assembly looks like it should. Thanks for anyone's advice and info. Yes, I'm putting winter in the rear-view mirror, and looking to greener grass and warm days!!! Thanks Steve aka Dresden Guy
  12. Dresden Guy

    My New C 160

    I love my C-160 and $350 is awesome ........ the lug tires alone are probably $100 - $150 each, and with the weights and blade WOW... .. super buy! The brakes shouldn't be too costly. Also, I like the idea of not touching anything cosmetically..... C-160's are more like draught "horses" not show horses! (in my opinon) Steve (aka Dresden Guy)
  13. Dresden Guy

    Placing C-160 back in Service after 4yr storage. Help!!

    Ottonator, It sounds to me like it's too far gone..... give me your address and I'll come take it away and give it a respectable "burial" ........ ...... it's the least I can do! And there will only be a nominal hauling fee!! The reason for my generous offer (??) is that I just sold my C-160H two months ago and have been in "mourning" regretting it ever since. So I thought before you get yours running and start realizing it is one of the Best WH's ever made I would offer my services. I'll stay by my phone! Steve aka Dresden Guy P.S. - the above posts are all correct..... rebuild the carb, new gas lines and clean the tank, and you're probably good to go.
  14. Dresden Guy

    c160 lift cable

    Dieselcowboy, Here's a really good post on cable making. Good info and good luck. Steve aka Dresden Guy
  15. Dresden Guy

    Update on NyLyon (Dad)

    Megan, Prayers for you, and especially for your dad. Your dad's selfless dedication to RedSquare has brought together a forum like no other on the web. I'm sure few (except you and your mom) can fully appreciate the time sacrifice your dad has made to make the "RS Family" how great it is. I had a ride to the ER last week myself, but nothing even close to your dad's mishap. Karl, you are one tough dude..... we are here for you. And, Megan, you are pretty special to get on RS and update us - THANKS - and please continue reporting to us on dad's recovery. God bless, Steve aka Dresden Guy