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  1. FlatbedAndy

    D180 followed me home!

    10-4 on the maintainance , I know the axle pivot and the bell crank are worn (loose steering) an there's a fan under the seat that would blow on the oil lines, don't know if that's original. Tag says: 91-160501-11108 8335 must've been a senior moment thinking it was a D180
  2. D180 my latest horse. Not sure what I'll do with it yet. Tempted to install a Kohler 17 off of a 417H but open to Ideas and advise on weather the 17 would work. First thing I had to remove that "farmerized" hyd. lift from the rear. Tires go down. I have some 6 hole 15x8 implement wheels that fit. The steering wheel was flattened beyond repair, and I was able to get it off with a puller and lots of heat! I did learn that the splined shaft accepts an EZGO steering wheel, but I like something more "tractor like"
  3. FlatbedAndy

    Axel repair GT14

    I really don't think the snap ring will hold. Have heard the axel can be drilled and a roll pin installed , but what will it take to drill this hard shaft ? This is on a sunstrand with the 10 pinion axel
  4. FlatbedAndy

    Fall and winter build

    Love the pipes! Wanna hear her run!
  5. FlatbedAndy

    Hello from frigid Minnesota

    That's an old picture, I'm working on putting some better traction tires on it as soon as I get the trans axel back together
  6. FlatbedAndy

    Hello from frigid Minnesota

    One ata time my friend
  7. FlatbedAndy

    Gt14 tires

  8. FlatbedAndy

    Hello from frigid Minnesota

    Tires are 24-12-12 I think . Width is the same as the blower which is 44" I think. Tires are filled, rime have some concrete weights that I made . and the weight you can see on the rear helps a lot. Those 2 stage blowers are HEAVY
  9. FlatbedAndy

    Gt14 tires

    Mine had 27-8.50 -15 I think . Havn't seen the 10.50's , way too wide for the original rims
  10. FlatbedAndy

    Hello from frigid Minnesota

    I was a member on here years ago and had to sign up again. I'm taking the winter off (semi retired) and now have time in the garage to work on some old tractors . First off I want to get the "69 GT14 in working order. Next one is I think a Raider about a 69 model (no tag) has the long hood and 2 stick transmission (hi low) that needs a motor. For everyday workers I have a pair of 520's
  11. FlatbedAndy

    GT 14 rear wheel hub

    Anyone had any luck finding those 2 inch keys?