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    HAD Wheel Horse Charger 9.
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    Mason City, Illinois
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    Anderson and Miller Mowing and Snow Removal, Owner
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    I enjoy mowing, working in the fields and collecting garden tractors of all kinds. Wheel Horse the most, lol.

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  1. You can find me at the show in Bushnell IL the 26th! I will be riding my 1076 in the parade, and will be meeting a lot of cool people! If you are from central IL and would like to attend -- contact Jim at 309-331-4930!


  2. Conner Anderson

    2017 Bushnell Tractor Show

    You already know I'll be there! Haha -- super exited to meet you, and see your awesome collection! (Not to mention get the 1076)
  3. Conner Anderson

    wheel horse charger 9

    Since this post: I have traded it for a 1277, then off to a Cub. Now I am looking at getting a 1076.
  4. Conner Anderson

    wheel horse charger 9

    Cosmetic wise, I haven't touched the original feel. I do have some original parts, that are included.
  5. Conner Anderson

    wheel horse charger 9

  6. Conner Anderson

    WTB: Raider 9, 10 or 14

    I have a Charger 9 auto, would be happy to sell it. have it advertised at 550 or trades. I am open to any and all offers.
  7. Conner Anderson

    wheel horse charger 9

    I own a Charger 9, it is a 68 and I am wondering what I should ask for it. I personally want to trade it, just cannot find anything worth my efforts. I found a younger gentleman in his 20's, he's over 650 miles away from me and he has himself a raider 12, I want it just he wants two tractors for it. I personally feel my Charger is worth more than 250, as it is one of a kind. Please, let me know.
  8. Conner Anderson

    Wheelhorse C_81

    Too bad I'm in Illinois, would be nice to add to the collection.
  9. Conner Anderson

    1969 GT14 and Raider 12

    I love the raider, wish you were closer!!
  10. Conner Anderson

    1968 Charger 9

    Thanks for checking this out, I bought this Charger 9 about a month ago - and I enjoy it. I don't need it gone, but would rather have myself a nice Raider. Amazing tractor for its age. It's a '68, doesn't have a stock steering wheel, but have one that I'll throw in. The Chevy emblem is off. New battery, hoses and new filter. Am open to trades, must be running!