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  1. HuntzNSam

    Thank you, A-Z!

    Thank you A to Z, for the great service, quality used parts, and quick shipping. We ordered a 3-speed trans complete. It was nicely crated, arrived FedEx so we didn't have to meet a truck, and it worked great. A+ HuntzNSam
  2. Sold 1966 856 with RM-366 RD deck, Snow blower, and Plow blade $600 obo For sale is a great running and great mowing tractor, with winter accessories to boot. The 1966 856 is a great looking design. New this year, 4 Kenda Super Turfs ($300 right there); Kevlar belts, bearing blocks, and blades on the deck; Tie rods; seat; battery; paint & decals; and just today a good used trans (Thanks to A-Z). It is running great and mowing great. BUT that’s not all! Included is a Wheel Horse snowblower and plow blade the PO used but we never tried. To rebuild at your leisure, the original 3 speed trans with a blown differential is also included. Yes, we just swapped in the trans. It goes against our grain to sell something that isn’t in good working condition. e converted to lug studs in the rear, so you even get fancy chrome lug nuts (and a durn sight easier mounting the wheels.) The Kohler 8hp is tuned well and running strong. It was only 2900 RPM max when we got it, but is now dialed up to 3570 RPM average (3600 max). It makes a huge difference. On our long straights we can mow 3rd gear, but in tighter areas, 2nd works fine. All photos taken just this afternoon. Sold as-is and you pick up or arrange shipping at your expense. New Lenox IL.
  3. HuntzNSam

    Ready to mow

    04/01/17, Despite all the rain early this week, it dried out and got sunny enough to mow today. I was listening and I think we were first in the neighborhood. 3rd gear mowing was no problem with the 8HP, but we used 2nd or 1st as the situation demanded. Standing water, and the soggy slope of the drainage ditch were no problem in 1st gear with the 23" tires - just muscled through with nary a tire slip. The Turf Savers are well-named and nothing got chewed up. I always had to drag the old rider out of the ditch as the itty-bitty wet tire lost traction and churned grass to mud. I was tempted to get ag's for the cool look, but after seeing how little imprint we left in the wet grass, I'm glad we got the tires we did. The mower ran great and the deck cuts nicely! It always shows after we mow that the yard needed it. Both Sam and I were grinning from ear to ear. The grass clippings cleaned off the mower with a bit of light brooming . We're celebrating with a victory Gin & Tonic. It's going to be a fun summer! Thanks for listening, Chuck & Sally
  4. Heck, as long as we're logged in, and PUI, our tastes run the gamut. Bad Livers, Black Sabbath, BB King, and Bach. The Goldberg Variations never fail to entertain. Glenn Gould was impressive.
  5. Didn't find it in a search - How about the Bad LIvers, Delusions of Banjer? Danny Barnes, et al, with clever, dark, lyrics, and a modern bluegrass/zydeco sound. 2 cuts, but they are all great: Pee Pee the Sailor sounds funny at first pass, but sad as hell when when you really understand,
  6. HuntzNSam

    Ready to mow

    csshannuth, We don’t know. It is our first Horse and we picked it up late December. We’re not picky about grass appearance, so if we keep up with the mowing, I’m hoping for 3rd. A little off the top, you know. The back yard, over the septic field, always poses a challenge though, so we may be over-optimistic. It gets wet and long fast in the Spring. John – How’d you know I always set the straw aside? Better to dribble half the margarita through my beard…I’ll even ask for it in a beer mug. Joe – Murphy’s Law. Just before the Craigslist buyer for the Dixon was to show, its battery crapped out. The WH was the donor. We’ll install the new one when we need it. Thanks all for the questions and compliments. Chuck & Sally
  7. HuntzNSam

    Ready to mow

    John, Jim, Yes, it is an oil drain extension that Joe added. Low pressure hydraulic hose, it seems handy so we left it be. The seat is a Michigan through Northern Tool/Ebay: Michigan Seat Universal Lawn Mower Midback Seat #35004455. Not original, but comfy enough and seems to duplicate what was on there.. Joe is tall and I'm 6'4" (Sal is 5'7"). The old seat had a stack of washers as risers and I did not feel cramped. We used 125lb Grainger vibration isolators instead, just because the stack of washers were a pain to install. I do the front, Sal does the back, and we both like fast mowing. The quick turning will be enjoyed. We just sold our old Dixon ZTR 36. It worked well, Made IN USA, but even with seat risers (iron pipe cut to fit) it was small for me. It was a quick cutter though, especially with all our trees. The Wheel Horse feels better and has a huge cool factor. Despite the steel frame, the robin's egg blue plastic tub of the Dixon was not 'manly'! We are both looking forward to the rear discharge deck - now we can go counter-clockwise along the fence line and trees too! The cone clutches on the Dixon were taking a clockwise set. Thanks for asking. We've learned a lot just searching and reading old posts. Chuck & Sally
  8. HuntzNSam

    Ready to mow

    12 HP, we did it ourselves in the basement and the garage. Sally pointed out I could have done a much better job covering the floors and horizontal surfaces before painting. Even rattle cans have over spray - nice red patches on our gray floors and workbenches. It is a ten footer, good enough to mow but not so pretty that you'd be afraid to. From the neighbor's yard, it looks great. Our Jan and Feb were so warm, and March is continuing the warm trend so we expect to be mowing in a couple weeks. The tires are Kenda Super Turfs. We got a good deal from our local mower shop on tires and mounting. Over the summer, we'll need to fix up the plow blade and blower to match. Snowless winters are not the norm here. We have less into this one than buying a plastic Chinese cookie cutter mower from the big box store. We love the cool factor of a 60's tractor to go with our old vehicles. Thanks for the compliments, Chuck & Sally
  9. HuntzNSam

    Ready to mow

    There were a couple things that needed attention on our 856, and before we knew it, it had gotten prettied up. Thanks to Glen Pettit and Vinylguy for their great products. Out of respect for the previous owner, hardware bits came from Grainger. The paint is Ace Hardware rattle can Regal Red and Ivory White for the wheels. Built for mow, not show, it’s enough to get the neighbors jealous. Ready for the grass to start growing. Before= www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/67501-hello-from-illinois/ Thanks, Chuck & Sally
  10. Sam and I think you will appreciate the quality long after the price is forgotten. We cussed our cheap welder every time we touched it; it worked, but marginally and never let us forget we got it for cheap. We have had zero issues with our Lincoln and that one is nicer than ours. Thanks Chuck & Sally
  11. Mastiffman, Thanks for asking. Our 240V is dedicated to the air compressor, so this this was 120V. I'm not sure - it may be reconfigurable to 240V. Welders, like most tools, justify spending more upfront vs disappointment later Thanks Huntz
  12. HuntzNSam

    Ready for Missouri Ice Storm

    And if s**t happens, keep your head. Major pucker!
  13. We bought an off-brand gas/flux core welder many years ago, similar to HF but not HF. First time it came to change tips, we discovered they were staked in. Complained to the mfg, and a gun with std Tweeco tips was supplied under warranty. Welded OK on-off for 10 years, not great but OK. Learning the duty cycle was a big key to productivity. 10% was optimistic. After not using it for a year,did an exhaust and had nothing but trouble. After 2 pipes it quit, late on a Sat PM. Lowes, the only place still open, had one choice - a Lincoln Electric. I needed the truck for Monday AM, so we bought it. HOLY COW! I was not the worst welder on the planet. The Lincoln worked great! On a do over, I would buy a Lincoln or Hobart from the git-go, and not struggle with the shortcuts of an off-brand. The sweetness of a low price is soon forgotten.... Huntznsam
  14. HuntzNSam

    Best Caboose Hot Dogs around!

    We're seeing lots of meat on a bun with stuff, but we aren't seeing a hot dog. http://www.portillos.com/ode-to-hot-dogs/ We're hoping Stevasaurus will back us up on this.
  15. HuntzNSam

    Favorite Car Films

    AND the 62 Caddy, the 64 Buick Skylark Convertible, and the unseen 63 Pontiac Tempest with posi and Metallic Mint Green in My Cousin Vinny. Marisa Tomei had no effect on this vote.