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  1. tbirdsteve

    520H with P220G

    Well that's interesting Ed Kennell, I didn't know about these. Definitely food for thought.
  2. tbirdsteve

    520H with P220G

    Hi All, hoping for some good advice here. I am a relatively new 93 520H owner with around 1100 hours on the clock. These tractors are fairly rare here in Australia, that's why I grabbed the one I have. They would have been around the $10k mark locally in 93. It was not running and in fairly poor condition but I'm restoring it. I've taken the shroud off the motor and found the flywheel magnets pretty much destroyed along with the stator. I sourced new magnets from the US and have glued them to the flywheel correctly (although perhaps with a little too much glue so they are very close to the stator now). I removed the stator and re-installed the flywheel and got the engine running. There is a lot of crankshaft movement sideways and end play on the flywheel side. Perhaps as much as 2mm in both directions ( 1/64 inch?? I'm not good with imperial measurements). This free play in the crank and flywheel may be why the magnets grabbed the stator and destroyed themselves. So, this engine will need a rebuild, it also leaks oil, but it runs ok (new magnets in flywheel but no stator installed). What are everyones thoughts about the extent of the rebuild? Do I do absolutely everything or are there some things that don't need doing (valve guides etc)? Where is a great source for bearings, gaskets, rings, etc etc? Ebay sell bearings for $60 but want $70 postage for ONE bearing!! Ridiculous! Look forward to reading everyone's thoughts and advise. Cheers.
  3. tbirdsteve

    520H electrical woes

    All of the 9 pin Molex and Molex-style connectors that I have been able to find are only rated 9 - 11 amps. Of course we all know the stator puts out 20 amps and so is probably the reason for the failures. Thank you Cleat, I will certainly look into your advice.
  4. tbirdsteve

    520H electrical woes

    Hi All, here's hoping some of you learned folk will offer your thoughts and opinions. Bought a 93 520H that has had several neglectful owners. At various times, changes have been made to the electrical wiring. All bad as far as I can see. The original ignition switch was changed for a universal switch, so the original plug and wires were cut off and crimp terminals added. A hole was drilled in the dash and a push button starting switch added. Plus other nonsense. So, I am basically going through the loom wire by wire using the wiring diagram to tell me what's what. The white wire from the B+ terminal has almost melted. The red wire from the starter motor to the fuse box has melted the contact in the 9 pin plug and come adrift. Several safety switches were broken so I assume that's the reason for bypassing everything with the push button starter switch (quick, cheap and nasty fix). My questions are these: Is it a wise move to remove the 9 pin connector completely and replace it with solid wiring? ( I have new identical 9 pin plugs sourced from ebay but don't feel obliged to use it ) Instead of sourcing power for the fuse box which is 30 inches of wiring away on the starter motor terminal, is it better to have a wire going directly to the battery which is only 6 inches from the fuse box? It doesn't seem logical to pick up battery power from the starter motor end of the cable when the battery end is only 6 inches away from the fuse box. The gray tachometer wire has also been cut and joined into another (stator wire), can somebody reply with a pic of what the terminals should look like at the regulator? I have included some pics of the catastrophe for everyone's amusement. Look forward to your thoughts Steve.
  5. tbirdsteve

    My Onan doesn't have spark.......

    Martin. great info, thanks. I ran my P220G on the bench for the first time since I bought the 93 520H. I only had the sellers word that it ran. It had too many issues to start when I bought it. Anyway, fixed the starter, squirted some gas down the carb, hooked up to a battery, power to the positive on coil, tested for spark, all good, then it coughed into life for a few seconds. Great, time to hook up the fuel pump and run the engine. Did that, but it wouldn't start. Realised I had hooked up power to the negative coil post by mistake. No spark now. Would you all agree that I've cooked the ignition module??
  6. tbirdsteve

    520H vacuum gauge

    Well done Garry, the stud size is indeed .164" and is 8/32 unc thread. Somebody mentioned that they have a plastic hose fitting, well this one has a brass fitting so may be a later replacement. Many thanks for your assistance.
  7. tbirdsteve

    520H wiring harness

    Thanks for the welcome and your website info. Great pics of all the Toros. Wish I had bought parts straight from you instead of ebay. Oh well. There are still more things I need so will be contacting you. Many thanks.
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a price on a good used flywheel and stator from a 1993 p220g fitted to a 1993 520H. 


  9. tbirdsteve

    520H starter motor

    Thank you All, it is indeed an 04 model once it was pointed out. Appreciate all your replies and will follow all advice. Boomer I may contact you in future as the next step is removing the flywheel for inspection. There are many small pieces of magnetic metal stuck to the shroud so I would guess the magnets on the flywheel have self destructed. Just out of curiousity, are the magnets available separately? I see lots of videos on youtube about gluing magnets but google is unable to locate magnets as spares. Many thanks, Steve. PS I haven't seen this motor run yet, although I was assured it does, but i'm tending to think more a case of it did. I'm restoring this tractor to use.
  10. tbirdsteve

    520H starter motor

    G'day All, I have a question about my 1993 520H with Onan P220g engine. It seems the starter motor has decided to retire. In order to purchase a new motor or repair parts from the web, I need a model number. The decal showing the model number is damaged right where the last 2 numbers are (murphys law). Can anyone tell me what model it might be?? The solenoid is fine but the motor itself turns for a few seconds, slows then stops (just in case anyone has an idea what the problem might be). I have opened it up, cleaned it out, brushes are good, armature checks out ok. Thanks in advance.
  11. tbirdsteve

    520H vacuum gauge

    I think you are correct Garry about it having metric threads with an imperial nut. All the other gauges have bronze coloured studs and nuts, this vacuum gauge has silver coloured studs and also the mounting bracket is different to the others. The bronze coloured nuts screw easily onto the other gauges. I bought this mower to use but I like it so much it's getting a resto before I use it. The previous owner really made some very poor repairs and mods and it needed a new dash frame and plastic cover which I found on US ebay along with lots of other parts. Yes the shipping was killer. I like Ed's idea about the coupling nut and might go down that road. Oh and thank you for the welcome gentlemen.
  12. tbirdsteve

    520H vacuum gauge

    Hi All, i'm new here. I had a strange problem removing the vaccuum gauge from the dash frame on my 93 520H. The threaded studs appeared to be rusty. I cleaned them up but the nuts that retain the bracket were extremely hard to undo. It's like they were cross threaded. Eventually I had to hold the studs with locking pliers to get the nuts unscrewed. The nuts themselves screw onto the studs on the other gauges just fine so it's not a problem with the nuts. It's almost like the thread on the mounting stud was incorrect, metric eg, with an imperial nut forced on. Unfortunately the thread on the vacuum gauge studs is damaged and the studs rotate inside the gauge body now. Can I open up the gauge and possibly change the studs? Anyone else had this problem? Cheers.
  13. tbirdsteve

    @#%&* Steering Wheel...

    I just took the wheel off my 93 520H. Man what a pain!! The bolt broke off in the wheel. Days of soaking with PB blaster and heating the shaft let me punch it out with a drift. Then the wheel refused to come off the shaft. More soaking with PB blaster. Heated the metal base in the wheel with a small torch, the plastic smoked a little but it didn't really damage the wheel at all. Suspended the shaft upside down from the bench vise and hammered the metal base in the wheel. Eventually it came off without damage to the wheel or the shaft. Perseverance people.
  14. tbirdsteve

    BIG SHOW 2017

    I'm looking forward to taking advantage of this offer. I've heard great things about these products from youtube. Regards, tbirdsteve.