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  1. Walleye

    (2) Wheelhorse Rototillers

    Do you have any model numbers for these so I can see if they would fit on my C-160? Are you willing to drop off at your nearest Fastenal store if we worked out a deal?
  2. Walleye

    Car hood from MA to OH

    I got this covered I believe.
  3. Walleye

    Car hood from MA to OH

    valid point. Subaru Crosstrek. Approximately 60"x40"x10". Pretty light, maybe 40 pounds. Probably a little smaller than that but i wanted to overestimate a little.
  4. Walleye

    Car hood from MA to OH

    I am looking to possibly buy a car hood from a business in Lancaster MA, for delivery in central Ohio. Timeframe is flexible. I could meet around Ohio to pick it up. Would contribute towards gas. Please PM me.
  5. Walleye

    Help with K91 throttle linkage

    The governor is supposed to hold the throttle in the wide open position when the engine is not running. That's normal. Don't sweat it.
  6. Walleye

    Tiny Tach

    Yes sir! I will also post our conversation if it will help others out. heather@tinytach.com Me: Hi Heather, I was curious, what is the difference between the Tiny Tach TT2A and TT2B? Is one just a later revision or are there functional differences? I have a few Kohler K series engines that I am rebuilding and tuning, and I need a tach. Which model number do I need? Heather: The 2A is adjustable for different cylinder engines. The 2B was designed for use on single cylinder engines, and does not work on some motors. There are some guys who just do the math (double the RPM number or whatever) if they are using a 2B on something else. Neither the 2A nor the 2B will work on Kohler K engines (they will just freeze up) because of the points & noise from those Kohler K's. You would need model 4C for Kohler K engines. You can order the regular 2A on our website - just put in the comments at the end of your order "NEED 4C FOR KOHLER K." Price is thesame. Me: Thank you Heather. Will the 4C work on other non-Kohler engines if I wanted to use it on them? Heather: Only true 4-stroke engines.
  7. Walleye

    Tiny Tach

    I have a Tiny Tach. Contact them directly. They have a special version specifically for Kohler K series that is not compatible with other engines, and the other versions are not compatible with Kohler K series. Price is the same.
  8. Walleye

    Pulling hitch

    Were you able to get in contact with Tom? Here's his contact info. We called/texted when I bought my hitch from him. He has posted his contact info on this forum a few times so I don't see why he'd mind me sharing. Tom Rupprecht RupprechtsWelding@yahoo.com 989-213-2690 Hitch is stout, and looks well made. I thought about making my own, but I have enough projects, and I could not have made one this nice.
  9. Walleye

    Kohler K321 Spec differences - Need help!

    Thank you sir!!
  10. Walleye

    First K91 Rebuild Seems to be a Success

    So can I send you a box of parts to rebuild a K90 for me? The guy selling the Suburban it came with told me it needed a camshaft (which was included). No wonder.... both valves were seized badly.
  11. My dad has a JD 214 that needs an engine. His Kohler K321AQS - spec # 60318 needs a rebuild. - I know, everyone just says to rebuild them but its not something I have the time for, and not something he'll likely ever pay a machine shop to do. He has another 214 that he's been using, but it's been rode hard, put away wet - lots of wear. I have been keeping an eye on Craigslist and found another K321AQS - spec # 60244d for a great price. It looks like that spec number puts it in a Jacobsen tractor. I haven't be able to find any info to confirm the crankshafts are the same. Does anyone have any resources that would be able to help out? I grew up on JD 110s and 214s and loved them, until I inherited a WH C-160. If I could find one I'd convert him.
  12. Walleye

    K91 Non-Threaded Exhaust Port

    @RJ Hamner - I am looking for a flange to NPT adapter, for the same scenario. I decided to grab a piece of plate, cut to fit, and weld a pipe nipple to it. Maybe I'll make one for you. In the research I have done, there is not sufficient material around the exhaust port to tap a flanged K90/K91 block to 3/4" NPT. The blocks are different castings and there is not enough material around the exhaust port for a 3/4" NPT to be drilled and tapped on a flanged block. Highly recommended to NOT go 3/4" NPT, and instead go 1/2" NPT.
  13. Walleye

    1960 Suburban with K91 Throttle Help

    Wallfish, thank you!!! I did a little calculus (who am I kidding, I don't remember calculus) but that speed disc is exactly what I need. I measured mine, scaled it to the pictures of the one in the ebay listing, and that tab extends the radius of the throttle cable hole roughly .85" out to 1.45", which would give me an arc length of 1.75" at 68.75° (the angle from the drive pin to a tab on my wheel). Think I'll buy one for the K91 I'm keeping, and make the 2nd for the K90 that I'm selling.
  14. Walleye

    1960 Suburban with K91 Throttle Help

    Thanks Wallfish! I found that bracket in the basket of K90 parts that came with the tractor. I got it installed but I'm still having a little difficulty with this. No matter how I set the speed control disc or where my throttle cable connects to it, I get a max of 3/4" between idle and full throttle. However, the throttle lever assembly has close to 1.5" of movement between idle and full, so when they are connected, when the engine would be at wide open, the throttle assembly is only 1/2 throttle. I'm hoping to find someone local who has a Suburban so that I can go look it over.