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  1. Kavint76

    Mower deck 37"

    I have a 37" side discharge deck i took off a 800 Special im not sure if the 800 came with that deck or not. I know it fits lots of different yr wheel horses. It does make i little noise but not to bad. I just sharpened the blades. If interested please call text or pm me thnx. The pic is before i fixed it up n painted some of it. For some reason i allways have trouble with pics on here.
  2. Kavint76

    Mower decks spacers

    Hey everyone where can i get the plastic spacers for the mower deck tensioner slide bar. I need a few for some decks im rebuilding. If someone knows the part num that will help. Thnx in advanced.
  3. Hey everyone i got a leak behind the tranny pulley on my B80 an was wondering how hard is the seal to replace? Id like to know what a nice B80 with a 10hp kohler n a 42" rd deck with all new bearing on it would b worth any suggestions would b appreciate. Thnx kavin
  4. Hi fred this is  kavin i talked to u today. What deck did u say u had for parts u said whats left of it? Can u send a pic of it to me? i do need some parts for mine. Thnks

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    2. Kavint76


      If u dont want or need, ill take it.please let me no thnx

    3. Big_Red_Fred


      Let you no what my plans are with it then, i was gonna strip it, find another deck missing parts & restore it, but i'll let you no, thanks

    4. Kavint76


      K thank u 

  5. I seen the engine u got on here n would love to have it . I only live in newberry so very close . Please let me know if its still available n when i can get it thnx , kavin.

    1. Big_Red_Fred


      Come to the old Ingersol rand shop on Lowther Road, up street from john deere on left, i'm in the shop out back till 430pm, another man was looking at it too, works with me, bring a tire to set it in. 

  6. Kavint76

    1277 rare or not

    Thnx everyone for the comments mine starts so easy to. Even when i pull started it first pull every time. They sure are hard workers and ill never part with it. I to love the look of it.
  7. Kavint76

    1277 rare or not

    Hey everyone i gots a question. How rare are the 1277s? I hardly ever c them on here or Craigslist. N not many questions about them on here. The 1277 was the first wheel horse i got n it was in a falling down shed for a few yrs. I got it for cleaning out the shed. I was amazed at how easy it was to get running. Now i use it every day to mow to take my 2 yr old son rides and it always starts rite up. Thats why i got bit by the bug. I hope my son is using it when hes my age. I know he loves it now. I was just wondering how rare they are any info on this will greatly be appreciate. Thanks Kavin
  8. Kavint76

    2017 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE !!

    Hey every1 i cant wait till the big show my first. I got bit last fall by a 1277 n now i cant stop the itch. I do have an 857 frame with hood,steering wheel n assembly, dash tower, n some pulleys id like to sell. I have the drive belt cover to but not sure if its for the 857.im asking $100 for it all. Sorry pics wont load .text call Kavin 717-676-7389 for pics . I also need gen/starter cover for my 1277.thanks
  9. Kavint76


    Looks awesome i wish my 1277 looked like that but i like the patina on it to. It shows how hard she worked all her life.
  10. Kavint76

    Added a new horse to the stable

    Thnx garry any idea bout the blower?
  11. Hi everyone i hope u all have an awesome holiday. I just bout a wheel horse n i have no idea what it is the mod #is 1 01409 ser # is 1024044 please help. It has a k181s engine on it is that a 8 or 10hp? I also got a short shoot snow blower n im not sure what it fits the mod # is 0642st05 ser # 51516 it needs the lift assembly if anyone has this blower can u send me pic of the lift assembly n measurements i would greatly appreciate it thnx. N have a good holiday.
  12. Kavint76

    8hp briggs

    I have an 800 special with a 8hp briggs on it i cleaned the carb n i dont think i got it adjusted rite. How many turns on the needle valves should I start with? And the carb still leaks its different than other carbs I've worked on. I had to pull the main needle valve n back the jet out to separate the carb. It has a long brass tube that goes in the top half of the carb. The jet got tight on the way out so i couldn't get it out the whole way but it was open. Anyone else have this problem? Thnx everyone
  13. Kavint76

    857 frame n hood and other parts

    Changed Price to 100 obo
  14. Kavint76

    Thinning herd out...too much!

    Could u send me more pics of the 856 pm me