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  1. 520hC-120

    2 Stage Snowblower Impellar Clearance

    Ok thanks guys, I’ll buy the kit and see what happens with the rubber. I might use metal as well.
  2. My 2 stage blower model 06-44SC01 had a little trouble throwing snow that far. It was light and fluffy snow and I could only get it about 15-20ft out. It also didn’t do well at all with the wet and heavy stuff the next morning on, throwing it about 2-3 ft out. The blower is on a fully capable 520h. I was going slow to atleast give it a chance but no pleasing results. I suspect the bad performance is from the impellar and shell clearance. In the picture it shows what I have. If my impellar is bad how to I take it out to maybe bend it back or get a new one. Thanks in advance!
  3. 520hC-120

    local tractor clubs

    Sounds nice. Hope the tractors do well!
  4. 520hC-120

    310-8 hiccup

    Sounds like a fuel pump to me. My 520h had this same problem not too long ago and I replaced the pump with an original. Now it works fine.
  5. 520hC-120

    Happy Birthday SPINJIM!

    Hope it’s a great one!
  6. 520hC-120

    314-8 Help Please

    My 520h had the same problem your 314-8 does. Like JAinVA said check all wires. When I checked there were two wires with a weak connector so I just put a heat shrink one on and it worked fine.
  7. 520hC-120

    Happy Birthday C-121UK!

    Happy Birthday!🎉
  8. Same goes here for me 👍🏻
  9. 520hC-120

    onan 16 hp twin idles rough

    Carb clean, make sure it’s a thorough one. That’s my best guess.
  10. Hi guys, I just wanted to inform anyone interested that the Annual Waters Farm Days in Sutton,MA is being held at Waters Farm Sutton, MA. Lots of tractors, exhibits and some vendors. Also food and drink everywhere. They have tractor pulls, Farm house tours, firearms display, Revolutionary War reinactment, animals, lumberjack competition, and a car show. Very fun time. It was today and will be tommorow (More things Sunday so if you come you don’t miss out). I will be there with 3 of my Horses one of which I pull, also will be there with my Farmall 300. Will post pics when I get some.
  11. 520hC-120

    Solenoid questions

    Also, Steiner Tractor Parts has great quality ones for a decent price.
  12. 520hC-120

    Tractor saw mill

    Right off wheel horse parts and more website. I don’t know anything about the saws but here’s a pic for ya to see.
  13. 520hC-120

    New Neighbors

    I like the Amish very much. Usually very nice people.
  14. I was thinking maybe try and weld something up. A plate of your desired length welded towards the ground with a long enough “axle” to put a wheel on. Maybe this will work maybe not just a thought. Sorry the pic is messy just the best I can do.
  15. 520hC-120

    Sources for Genuine parts?

    I have used them aswell. They do a good job.