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  1. Jim-Ohio

    K 241 10HP Fuel Pump

    With the plastic pump and a gasket is a sealer recommended, and if so what type of permatex or something else should be used?
  2. Jim-Ohio

    K 241 10HP Fuel Pump

    Are all of the replacement fuel pumps for this engine plastic with the push in fuel fittings? It has a plastic pump now with screw in fuel fittings. Are the pumps listed on E-Bay the same as you'd get at a dealer? Over the phone a dealer quoted a price of $78.59, while the ones on E-Bay are $20 - $30.
  3. Jim-Ohio

    Electric PTO Clutch

    I bought a 1-0465-8 (1973) tractor with a snowplow last winter to plow snow. A mower deck came with it. Now I was going to put the mower on it, and found that it was missing the PTO clutch that runs the belt for accessories. When I took pictures to a mower shop guy that has a lot of old Wheelhorses for parts he told me that it looks like someone cut the end of the crankshaft off flush with the pulley that runs the belt for the hydrostatic rear drive unit. This would make it impossible to put either a manual or electric PTO clutch on as there is no shaft sticking out to mount it on. Why would someone have ever done this to the crankshaft that makes it not possible to ever put any accessories on this tractor or am I missing something that's different on this tractor that the mower shop fellow didn't know about?
  4. What would be the model number of snow blowers that would mount on a model 1-0465-8 tractor?
  5. Jim-Ohio

    Snow Blade Skids

    Thanks Jeff
  6. Jim-Ohio

    Snow Blade Skids

    Looking for snow plow skids for Model # 79350 plow.