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  1. Kenneth R Cluley

    Belt guide

    I saw that wear and was thinking same thing but at the moment don't have time for removal and repair. Slide area is definitely worn away. Thanks for comment and reply.
  2. Was having issue with belt sliding off idler pulley parking brake of my 69 Charger 12. The pulley rotated fine but had some radial "slop" and the linkage is a little sloppy also so sometimes the belt would slip off outside of idler and jam in between guard and pulley. Usually right in middle of task at hand. I'm getting pretty good at removing guard.It would also not engage belt correctly and was fraying inside edge of belt. Finally had enough and replaced pulley, wanted to move back fan/pulley in a little to help alignment but it was extremely happy right where it was. I thought about adding a sheet metal spacer similar to ones found inside existing guard to maintain belt but decided to fab this roller. Took 1/2" PEX tubing and placed over 5/16" bolt with 1" angle iron ends. Double locked nuts on bolt. Threaded other portion of angle and located in proper place for retention of belt. So far so good. Some may see this as "Blasphemy" and hopefully when I'm gone some young enthusiast will look at this and say "Can't believe what PO did to this WH."
  3. The fitting is for garden hose to attach. Turn on water and run mower and it is supposed to clean deck. Previous posts have described in detail some successful methods for maintenance.
  4. Kenneth R Cluley

    Light Upgrade

    Had same issue with ground on hood. ended up running ground wire from hood to frame. This stopped the flickering.
  5. Kenneth R Cluley

    Decal removal?

    W D 40 will also loosen Goo/residue without harming paint. spray and let soak awhile wipe off.
  6. Thats beautiful scenery any way you look at it Eb. Sounds like a great day.
  7. Kenneth R Cluley

    Think it will work?

    May want to cut a couple 2x4's or 4x4's and place in bucket behind blade for support. I don't think pins will take that much pushing. JMHO.
  8. Kenneth R Cluley

    Light Upgrade

    .093 , but they call it 1/8th inch.
  9. Kenneth R Cluley

    Light Upgrade

    Finally got around to updating lights. Cut some lexan for lens, since I seem to break everything else , masked and back painted outline, sandblasted and epoxied buckets and installed LED lamps. A real "bright" spot on otherwise Patina rich 69 Charger 12 tractor. Start Here.exe
  10. Really excited for winter, our low was 70 and only 50% humidity.
  11. Kenneth R Cluley

    K181 will crank but not fire

    It all boils down to fuel, spark, air/compression. Test each item and rule out till locate problem.
  12. Kenneth R Cluley

    Headlight Upgrade?

    Fit right in existing sockets.
  13. Kenneth R Cluley

    How about a little help with this log splitter valve??

    I agree with Garry, you can check the spring first and hopefully find replacement. Usually that is all that is wrong, ball and seat are fine. Even seen the spring rusty /corroded in the oil on older systems. Bought a lot of parts from Surplus center over the years. I tend to look there prior to planning project to see what's available cheap and then modify my plans to fit those items. Saved a lot of time and money that way.
  14. Kenneth R Cluley

    Solar power

    Anyone tried solar power? just kidding moving panel from my "Spare Parts" pile to my neighbors pile. Did get some seat time grading spare dirt though.
  15. Anyone tried Solar Power? Being in Sunshine State thought about solar, just kidding moving panel from my "spare Parts" pile to neighbors pile. Did get some seat time grading leftover dirt though.