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  1. Really excited for winter, our low was 70 and only 50% humidity.
  2. Kenneth R Cluley

    K181 will crank but not fire

    It all boils down to fuel, spark, air/compression. Test each item and rule out till locate problem.
  3. Kenneth R Cluley

    Headlight Upgrade?

    Fit right in existing sockets.
  4. Kenneth R Cluley

    How about a little help with this log splitter valve??

    I agree with Garry, you can check the spring first and hopefully find replacement. Usually that is all that is wrong, ball and seat are fine. Even seen the spring rusty /corroded in the oil on older systems. Bought a lot of parts from Surplus center over the years. I tend to look there prior to planning project to see what's available cheap and then modify my plans to fit those items. Saved a lot of time and money that way.
  5. Kenneth R Cluley

    Solar power

    Anyone tried solar power? just kidding moving panel from my "Spare Parts" pile to my neighbors pile. Did get some seat time grading spare dirt though.
  6. Anyone tried Solar Power? Being in Sunshine State thought about solar, just kidding moving panel from my "spare Parts" pile to neighbors pile. Did get some seat time grading leftover dirt though. 



  7. Kenneth R Cluley

    Any recommendations

    Be sure to try a muffaletta sandwich. Very large, "recommend" sharing.
  8. Kenneth R Cluley

    What’s your favorite movie or series?

    John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, I get AMC and love old westerns and comedy as well.
  9. Kenneth R Cluley

    Thank you

    I, like many of you, don't follow facebook or any other site. I came to this site by accident looking for info on tractor i purchased that needed work. I probably check site 2-3 times a day, just for other content. Wonderful advice and experiences from like minded individuals. Hope to be at Big Show next year as I am retiring from Fire Department in Jan-Feb. Looking forward to meeting and greeting you all. On my "Bucket List".
  10. Kenneth R Cluley

    Financing and cash flow,buy a car?

    like most of you been through some lean years with 2 kids in college, etc. The problem with New vehicles is you don't get the "discounts" that dealers /companys offer unless you use "their" financing. That rate is usually 7 + %. Or they offer either discount or 0 %. I purchased from dealer paid for 6 months, switched to credit union at 2.9% as new vehicle because was less than 10,000 miles and less than year old. I offered cash to dealer and price was way higher without financing. good luck. Lease vehicles in large metro areas are pretty good deal if you check them carefully. 2 - 3 years and regularly serviced.
  11. Kenneth R Cluley

    How to start, and stop, a Suburban with a Clinton?

    I put a dent in old chevy pick-up hood from inside checking spark on rainy day. The hood was fine.
  12. Kenneth R Cluley

    LED Lights for Bronco 14

    Just put these in my Charger 12, a little pricey but work well.
  13. Kenneth R Cluley

    Moving some dirt

    Has hydraulic lift, saves that left shoulder and arm. The front hitch was on horse when i got it. PO was pilot and had small plane he moved around with tractor. Sarge would probably not like weld job and I thought about fixing it myself but it has held and not high on my priorities, maybe when I retire.
  14. Kenneth R Cluley

    Moving some dirt

    Adding workshop to back of garage. Moving dirt from digging footers for stem walls. Also putting carport(corral) for horse parking. Retiring from Fire dept. in about 6 months and need some space to "create". Working around daily thunderstorms and It's only 1000 degrees with 400% humidity here so going slow!
  15. Kenneth R Cluley


    So i guess that blows the theory about dryer sheets repelling mice?