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  1. rickeyg52@hotmail.com


    need some wheel wts for the front of my 520 for plowing i brought some ag tires for front already just want some extra wt. for better turning on snow. front wts. are hard to find.
  2. Do you still  have 520 plow Ext. for 100.00 i want to buy it.  I been looking for one. My name is Rick.

    let me know. soon. my phone # is 315-562-2008 or give me your phone #

  3. rickeyg52@hotmail.com

    520 plow EXT.

    I need a 520 plow ext. for the swept axle . used is alright,at fair price . my name is Rick
  4. i will buy your plow ext. if you still have. let me know.         my cell is 315-323-5098

    1. chev0545


      I'm not selling the ext.without the plow

  5. rickeyg52@hotmail.com

    520 plow EXT.

    Looking for plow EXT. for 520 swept front axal.new or used at fair price.
  6. rickeyg52@hotmail.com

    314 1996 yr.

    my cell 315-323-5098
  7. my cell is 315-323-5098

    1. rickeyg52@hotmail.com


      I am off all day can call me anytime.  rick

  8. rickeyg52@hotmail.com

    314 1996 yr.

    I need 1996 head for kohler 14 single anybody have a good head for this kolher motor fair price thank you dont know what yrs. fit. wheelhorse
  9. could you give your mailing address for my GPS,and hows sat. that if weather ok. this is rick or give me your phone

    no. i will call you.

  10. rickeyg52@hotmail.com

    1998, 314-8

    looking to buy at 250. i will come get. my name is rick need someone to write back.
  11. rickeyg52@hotmail.com


    still waiting to hear from you,
  12. rickeyg52@hotmail.com


    I will take it, just e-mail me.
  13. Due you still have 520h thats been redone for 900.00 and where is the tractor at. i see your location western ma.

    my name is Rick I am from upper ny. 

  14. rickeyg52@hotmail.com

    Blinking oil light 1993 520 H

    oil light blinks while running has not blown up yet. any ideas. 1993 520H
  15. rickeyg52@hotmail.com

    FREE Onan 520-h Parts

    Do you still have onan parts i will come get. my name is rick