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  1. Logan

    Kohler k301 wont turn over

    i actually had the ground and starter hookup reversed. it is all fixed now! thanks for the help though
  2. Logan

    Kohler k301 wont turn over

    So i have a 12 auto with a k301s cast iron in it. i took the engine off, rebuilt it and am putting it back on, put the engine back on, everything wired up. the starter is turning, but the engine is not turning. at all. i have rearranged and checked every wire connection. and still cant get it. always get good help and advice from this site so i have come back.
  3. Logan

    '73 automatic 12 brakes

    next parts i am looking for are now a headlight assembly and rear wheel weights. thinking of getting ag tires, but maybe not. what size wheel weights do these 12 auto machines take? i have been loking around, mainly searching for the c-120 to find stuff because they are more common.
  4. Logan

    '73 automatic 12 brakes

    Is there any way to convert them to a manual pto clutch? I am trying to have everything working so that it can be used for a blower or somehing of the sort if i want. Also if i do sell it, i will be able to make a bit more dollazz
  5. Logan

    '73 automatic 12 brakes

    Some nice looking machines! I will probably end up doing a full restoration on mine and keep it around. It is my first one so it definitely will be with me for a while. Next parts that i have to get are a new shroud for the engine, mine is rusted out. Pop riveted to help the air flow properly. One other question, do any of you guys have an electric clutch system on your machines? Mine has one and im not sure if it is set up right, or even working at all haha.
  6. Logan

    '73 automatic 12 brakes

    Thanks for all the help. Mine does roll when the lever is pulled up. So i belive it is worn out or broken off. I havent run it more than about four hours. It is in pieces and the engine was machined, i havent put it back together yet. I may look into the transmission housing and see what’s up. Once again, thanks for all the help from everyone.
  7. So i have a '73 12 automatic. The brake only takes it out of gear. Is this how they worked? Or are my brakes worn out. I have been searching everywhere and haven't found much because 1973 is a hard year to track or find things for wheel horses. Need help