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  1. Hi all after replacing the 2 L and R auger bearing now ther's a vibration on the auger ASM shaft at low speed I cant figure what is causing that the shaft collar bearing is niew from last spring thanks ?
  2. no more training , I use my exerciser weight for a conter weight for my wheel horse 70 pound all so my 2x30 pound wheel weight
  3. Today I install a paire of Led light on my Horse hod mount
  4. ti-jean

    Onan p216g ice is forming in air box

    Ok but the engin from where he will take is air after you put duck tape on that hole ???
  5. Hi yesterday blow the sno in my parking lot and after a certain time my engin begin to to run uneven so I when in the garage with the wheel horse Il open the air filter box they was ice on the foam ring around the air filter I known it is coming in by the tube coming from the flywheel fan what could I do the prevent this issues . thanks
  6. ti-jean

    Onan p216g still surging on wheel horse h516

    Hi today it is Santa miracle first again I replace all the fuel line for 5/16 instead of 1/4 size and add 1/4 bottel of seafoam full gas tank 91 octane gas the engine run like the devil in person smooth and nice idel all so with the pto engage now it I am sit in on my sofa in front of my fire place waiting for snow real dont know if it is the size of the gas line a replace for biger size or the seafoam but in important thing the and all running fine . thank's every buddy for your help
  7. ti-jean

    Another Bolt removal issue

    Best way to remove a broken bolt take a Tig and weld a flat washer on top and then weld a nut to it with the heat of the weld you broken bolt will come out easy not for this case but other way nut loll in french , pourquoi des noix
  8. Hi all for one years did'n have problem so went I try how my tractor was run to be ready for the winter the engin begin to surging up and down wen it was warm so this week I remove to the top of the carb was very dirty in there so I take all the intake from the engine and get a good clean all so remove the gas tank and and get a good clean I also replace a few piece of the gas line so now I try to figure what is going rung no air leak from the intake I also check the carb gasket no air leak there wen the engin is warm I engage the pto and begin to surge for gas again if I put juste a bit of choke engin begin to run smooth and even after Il open top of the carb again remove all the inside parts pray so Suzuki carb cleaner put the top of the carb try it again everything was OK even with the pto engage few minute later vroum vroum vroum again . help
  9. ti-jean

    wheel horse 516h question ?

    this morning il take out the gas tank you should see what come out from the tank all kind off dirty stuff like spruce needle earth the littell screen attache to the gas shout of valve was blocked il all so replace appart 1/4 inch fuel line bettewen the valve and the gas pump after lunch I will open the top of the carburetor to see for the second time if there's dirty stuff in there .almost certain the dirt in the gas tank was the problem I will see .how is my english speeling thanks see you later chummy
  10. ti-jean

    wheel horse 516h question ?

    Good job today I blow the dam snow in my parking lots but , after I did a good carb clean befor I check with break cleaner to see if thy was a air leak on the carb all so on the air intake so difference the engine was surging vrouum vroumm vroumm I think it is my governor the problem but dont no by where to begin to find the surging problem . thank
  11. ti-jean

    wheel horse 516h question ?

    Sorry for some who misunderstood in case I did not understand well i will whait to receive my regulator to play in snow with my tractor this forum it is essential but for thos who understand English speaking so lke in my position i am learning to understand the English speaking Il come back for more replies later . thanks
  12. ti-jean

    wheel horse 516h question ?

    The problem here it is no low voltage is to hight charging at 17.4 volt it burn my battery i found one on ebay for onan parts number 191-2227 12 volt 20 amp thanks
  13. Hi we have snow here at North of Montreal Quebec so my question my engine voltage regulator is back order is that possible to run the engine without my regulator still 4 days befor a recive my parts and i would like to my tractor how to connect the wire ?
  14. ti-jean

    H-516 starting problem

    Ok !!! before buying a new battery IL try with a other one . thanks
  15. Hi my battery is full of charge but went Il try to get the engine run at turning the key the engine turn slow 2 or 3 time and wont start same as a empty battery also sound gos clik clik clik . Il suppose that is a starter problem how to check to real cause . thanks