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  1. Lee in RI

    Tecumseh HH120

  2. Lee in RI

    Tecumseh HH120

    Sorry I have been away so long. It sounds like your tappet is a little worn on the valve end causing insufficient valve clearance. Pull the exhaust valve out and file a little bit off at a time until you have the correct valve clearance. You should be all set once it is corrected.
  3. Lee in RI

    Tecumseh HH120

    Oops, I did not see that last post about you cranking it with the plug in and wire grounded. Try this before you condemn the starter: remove the valve cover and stick a .010 feeler gauge between the exhaust valve and tappet, crank the engine like this. If it spins over fine check to make sure your compression release is working properly.
  4. Lee in RI

    Tecumseh HH120

    If it is a 12HP Tecumseh with solid state ignition, those coils/modules can do some very strange things. It could be advancing the timing to the point where it is causing the ailment you describe. I have had it happen on an old Sears suburban.
  5. Lee in RI

    Tecumseh HH120

    Sounds like an ignition issue to me. Make sure it is firing on every compression stroke and not intermittently firing. Almost sounds like it is trying to fire just as the piston starts to come up from BDC. Is this point or electronic ignition?
  6. Lee in RI

    NOS Tecumseh HM80

    I have for sale or trade a brand new NOS Tecumseh HM80. This is a points engine with the cast aluminum recoil starter and 1" PTO. This engine has never been started. It's a little dusty from sitting dormant since 1983. It does not have spark and will need a set of points to run. At the request of the buyer I will install a fresh points and condenser set. I would like to trade for a NOS H60 or a couple of good running used H60's (must have cast iron bores and be local) Thank you! Lee.
  7. Lee in RI

    NOS Lauson/Tecumseh HT55C

    @Terry M, that certainly would be a very good possibility if I did not know the history of this engine, but I know it's origin. This engine came from a gentleman that bought it from a local Wheel Horse dealer that was selling off old stock. He was not very sure what it fit (if even a Wheel Horse) when I bought it from him. He died in 2009 so I can't get anymore information from him. As far as I can tell this engine has never been apart. The paint on the block matches the recoil housing and everything else perfectly. The head bolts have not been removed since it was painted at the factory. Some head bolts do have paint loss but as you all know that is the first place paint comes off a Tecumseh and is due to not washing assembly oil off the head bolts prior to painting the engine. It does have chips and scratches but for something that is 54 years old and being stored in a repair facility for most of that time, it is very nice. That's another good point! All of the H55's I had prior to this one did not have the head tin! But they all had the offset spark plug.
  8. Lee in RI

    NOS Lauson/Tecumseh HT55C

    @sorekiwi Mine has the threaded holes for studs also. I am starting to wonder if this was a replacement engine that the dealer stocked incase one failed? I know it has been test run, but it was not run long enough to even burn the paint off the port. I have had at least 20 HT55C's but never one with the "Tecumseh 6" on the shroud and all of the others I had the spark plug was over the exhaust valve. I'm stumped on this rare breed! Lol!
  9. Lee in RI

    NOS Lauson/Tecumseh HT55C

    @sorekiwi Thank you so much for the info! I always thought the pre 1963 models without the head tin used the offset spark plug location (above the exhaust valve).
  10. Lee in RI

    NOS Lauson/Tecumseh HT55C

    I am pretty sure Tecumseh moved the location of the spark plug from over the top of the exhaust valve to between the valves in 1963. This engine has the centered plug so it must have been made for the 1963 model year or later I think anyway. I could very well be wrong though! Lol
  11. Lee in RI

    NOS Lauson/Tecumseh HT55C

    Thank you Sylvan Lake! @oliver2-44 I don't think I am ready to part with it but if I decide to I have to give AMC Rules first shot at it. He asked me as soon as I posted it. That is a very pretty machine!
  12. Lee in RI

    NOS Lauson/Tecumseh HT55C

    When I first saw it I thought it was an H60! Lol! But after seeing the oil pump and reading the tag I was stumped. It is a HT55C with 6HP decals. And I am positive it is original and for a Wheel Horse.
  13. Lee in RI

    NOS Lauson/Tecumseh HT55C

    Hello group, I was wondering if anyone could please help me identify what model Wheel Horse this new old stock HT55C would fit on? It has the LMB carburetor with a Walbro vacuum fuel pump, charging system and a American Bosch starter. The original spark plug was broken off in storage but I think I still have it kicking around here somewhere. It has been fired but only briefly and not long enough to even burn the paint off the exhaust port. Nothing has ever been mounted on the PTO. It just lives on a shelf in my collection of Tecumseh engines and I was always curious as to what it fits. Sorry about the messy bench! Thank you for all of your help! Lee.