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  1. william kirk

    K301 shaft size

    I have a k301 with a 1 inch shaft for drive and clutch , motor is bad, I bought a short block k301 to replace it, it has a 1 1/8 shaft....shouldn't all k301s have the same shaft size.....
  2. william kirk

    2017 Calendar submissions

    76 B-80 12 hp
  3. william kirk


    looked at some pics....pretty sure its a 10 hp
  4. william kirk


    racin you are right i believe, if yours is an 8 mine is deff not that. yours has about a 2 in raised ring around the screening, mine has about 1/2 in raised area around the screen cover.its got to be a 10 or 12.
  5. william kirk


    8 bolts that i can see dang things huge! plate calls it an 8 , the guy i bought it from says 8, but i think its to big to be an 8....lmao
  6. william kirk


    I just picked up my first Horse today a clean b80....i have been showin pics to my woman of horses with stacks, when i brought this home first thing she said was, When are you gettin a stack for it, it dose not look like a tractor with that muffler....she's a great woman!!! I have to have one of those stacks Mr. Andrews!
  7. william kirk


    ok , thanks according to the plate is an 8 hp.....thanks guys
  8. william kirk


    this is it...
  9. william kirk


    Hey guys, im trying to figure out if i have an 8 hp or a 12 hp on my b-80, i seen pics of the 12 and it looks like mine, but i dont know for sure. A ny features or markings to tell the two apart..... thanks
  10. william kirk


    Thanks for all the help guys....i just got off it a few mins ago. All it needed was a fuse, new fuel lines,and a battery, i picked it up for 400.00. I love this thing , It is the 8 speed, and looks brand new...i cant wait to put it in the garden....thanks again for the help
  11. william kirk


    Can someone tell me what tiller will work with my b-80......thanks
  12. william kirk

    Rototiller attachment

    Will this fit a b 80?
  13. william kirk

    B-80 value?

    hey, noob here too....just picked this b 80 up for 400 as well....guess i did ok...i have always wanted a horse!